10 Best Explanations Why Nepalese Girl Should Date An Engineer

In Nepal, we are taught to become doctor, engineering, or airline pilot since our childhood. Parents will instantly agree with a proposal from doctor or engineering for their daughter, without a hint of thought.

Engineering is one of the most sorted after a profession in Nepal. Today we look into some of the most convincing reasons why a Nepalese girl should date an engineer.

1. He is the best secret-keeper


He is extremely rational. When you get in a fight with your best friend, he will listen to you very sensibly, even so, his attention was drawn towards electronic things and its operational mechanism.

2. He will never leave you


He is oblivious about his good looks, he is still occupied on how he completed his Bachelors and Masters in Engineering and now is focused on where to apply in order further his education.

3. He gives damn to your shape and size


He had prepared himself in such a way that is a genuine, smart, and good guy would definitely attract girls.

4. He is a genius at best


He can the ability to compare his love for you with diverse engineering terminology.

“Mero maya bhanda ma kasto chha,
Gitti ani baluwa jasto chha”

5. He is a thoughtful problem-solver


He is your go-to handyman. He will read the manual and promptly figure out how something works.

6. You never need to worry about financial planning


When you plan for romantic vacations, he will make an excel spreadsheet earlier, to compare and contrast the best hotels and car rental deals.

7. You don’t have to pay for interior designer


He will help you methodically diagram and measure the wall to hang the pictures or containers so they are spread out perfectly and evenly apart.

8. He can make you smile even when he’s not around


He will surely come up with 3-5 stupid things in a day which will give you blush even on his absences.

9. You don’t need to keep home clean


He tends not to be a tidy person himself so you can skip cleaning the house.

10. You will always have symmetrical pictures


His engineering skills come handy when you need that perfectly aligned picture.