10 Best Places To Hide Your Valuable Things That Will Fool Any Thief

In this era, keeping our valuable stuff such as money, ATM cards or jewelry at home is not at all safe. Thieves smell them from a distance. Keeping cash in the home is convenient but not safe, especially at the usual places like almirah or lockers. The concept of digital money has reduced the chances of theft to some extent. But, having some cash around the house is not always a bad idea. In fact, it can be very important sometimes as we don’t know when we might need some.

So why not keep them at some hidden and unusual places such that thieves won’t be able to find it? But, keeping those stuff safe is the real question because we don’t know when any thief may target our house.

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We made up a list of some unusual and strange places in and around your house to hide your precious things. Now, you don’t need to fear to keep them at home neither you need to go bank to keep them. Obviously, you don’t need to use just these ideas but you can look for all the hidden places in your home.

How about a pot filled with soil?

Put all your precious thing in a shampoo or conditioner bottle.

Put your jewels in a plastic pouch and keep it in a box of liquid cream.

A toolbox is also a well-hidden place.

Juicer? It also has a lot of space, you can hide your things in it without letting the thief know.

What about your old sneakers? Wash them and use them again for keeping your valuable things.

A hairbrush handle is also a good idea.

In place of rice and pulses use a thick liquid like yogurt or honey to hide your jewels.

Burying things in garden fertilizer is also a great idea.

Buy a trash bin to keep your money or cards. Keep your money in it and cover it with some papers to make it look like a garbage bin.

Which idea did you like the most? Tell us in the comments.

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