10 Bizarre Trends Kylie Jenner Has Introduced To The Fashion World

Kylie Jenner is the ultimate queen, and there truly is no argument in that! Coming from the Kardashians family, who already has established a solidified and strong name in the fashion world, she has truly revitalized and revamped the entire essence putting forth new fashion trends and being an ultimate innovator in the Hollywood world.

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She is a show-stopper. But she did innovate and initiated in a few ways that no one has ever done before. Want to know what few of those are? Here are the ten bizarre trends that Kylie Jenner has introduced to the fashion world:

1. Lip Injections

Kylie Jenner Lip Injections
As crazy as the trend is, Kylie Jenner’s lips are the reason she has been quite a topic of the town! Her fuller lips are the reason that she is an absolute eye-candy and is STUNNING!

She got her lip injections back in 2012 and the year was officially declared as the year of Kylie’s lips!
She took step one, and further the masses followed the trend boldly.

The crown for nude-brown fuller lips totally goes to Kylie’s head!

2. She Uses Her Own Makeup

Kylie Jenner Uses Her Own Makeup
Owning a makeup brand of your own is not anything new or something that no one has ever done before.

But celebrities who own a cosmetic line of their own never use their products. Ironic, I know.
Kylie is the only celebrity who uses her products in her day to day life. This is truly something that only she did. A little bit of self-promotion along with actually using them has penned down a new trend and also is the key reason for such success of her product line.

3. Pastel Blue Hair

Kylie Jenner Pastel Blue Hair
She can pull off absolutely anything. ANYTHING. Usually, the fashion world and Hollywood are crowded with bizarre and weird trends, but one thing that only she can be seen gracefully pulling off is pastel hair.

Whether, pastel blue, green or pink, she can rock it all. Not of the celebrities have been seen going that bold and crazy with looks! She is versatile, and she takes pride in that.

4. She Is Not Afraid To Show Her No-Makeup Self

Kylie Jenner without makeup
Let’s talk real. Not all of the Hollywood stars are always glammed up or are perfect. They have some skin bumps and freckles and a few imperfections too.

Like all the celebrities, who always show themselves glammed and prepared and ready all the time, Kylie is secure in herself and shows herself off with a bare face as well! Just by the way, she looks beautiful plain as well! Even with her imperfections and simplicity, she is gorgeous. No arguments!

5. Lash Extensions

Kylie Jenner Lash Extensions
Lash extensions were not a thing before Kylie boldly got her lash extensions. I drool over them as well. Of course, who wouldn’t love having the struggle and trouble of wearing fake lashes!?

Her lashes, just like her signature black hair are stunning. Her long feathery semi-permanent lashes have set many celebrities and trend-followers to do that as well.

6. The Family Life

Kylie Jenner Family
Apart from the fashion world, this is one unique trend that Kylie has set. The strong family bond! Not many celebrities have put forth such strong family connections and staunch bond. Even when the family faced intense criticism because Bruce Jenner transformed him to secure his sexuality, the family stood strong and together. The sisters are so tightly bonded even if they are step and they are so supportive of each other.

Apart from being an icon in the fashion world, Kylie is always there to support and appreciate her family.

7. The Denim Cut-Shorts

Kylie Jenner wearing denim shorts
Nothing special, but Kylie initiated the spring trend back in 2016. She posted a picture on Instagram holding her puppy wearing denim shorts that had a slit cut at the back. She deleted the picture, later on, she was truly on fire! She set the trend that was later followed by the entire industry.

8. She Is Self Made When It Comes To Her Beauty Routine

Kylie Jenner Beauty
To the surprise of many, she does her makeup! She doesn’t wear too much color and usually wears neutral brown looks with a subtle hint of gold. But she does her makeup and enjoys it. You can repeatedly see it in her snap chat; she shares her techniques too!

9. She Loves To Cook!

Bizarre Trends That Kylie Jenner Has Introduced
Like makeup, she is pretty independent when it comes to her meals too. She loves to treat herself and mostly prepares her meals on her own. Amazing, isn’t it?

She truly sets the trend that being a celebrity doesn’t mean doing what a normal human being does!

10. She Shows off Her Body Shapers

Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Body Shapers
Now that is unique! As I said before, she is very secure in herself, and she likes to show what she is. Similarly, she isn’t afraid to show that she has curves and in skin-tight dresses, she wears body shapers. This shows that she is just a normal human being like us, after all!

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10 Bizarre Trends Kylie Jenner Has Introduced To The Fashion World

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