10 Clothing That Should Be Mandatory On Every Nepalese Girl’s Wardrobe

Nepal has gone through a lot of metamorphoses since the globalization of the early ’90s and it is the Nepalese fashion which was the first to get influenced the most from the western culture. Despite the supremacy of westernized fashions, the Nepalese fashion industry has blended itself like a graceful convergence of the east and the west.

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A balancing act of traditional and modern dresses is the norm in today’s Nepalese society. Listed are the few of the popular choices of the dynamic generation of Nepalese women.

1. Denim & Tees


Ever since Nepalese women and teenage girls have been exposed to globalization, a pair of denim combined with casual t-shirts have remained their staples.

2. Kurti


Kurti is probably the only outfit that can contest the popularity of jeans and t-shirt. Simply pair a Kurti with leggings and you are good to go.

3. Kurta Salwar


Despite the influx of countless Western and stylish clothing options in Nepal, Nepalese women and girls still love the gorgeous ethnic look that kurta salwar provides them.

4. Saree


No matter how much they love western dresses, Nepalese women would perhaps never be able to let go of their love for saree.

5. Jeggings


Although a relatively new entrant into Nepalese fashion, jeggings which are a hybrid form of jeans and leggings have taken the Nepalese fashion market by storm, predominantly due to the availability of rainbow of colors.

6. Tunics


Nothing can compare with the modern yet decent look and comfort of tunics. These are one of the most preferred garments for modern Nepalese girls.

7. Lehenga


Although not common for daily wear, Lehenga is a must-have attire for every Nepalese woman and every Nepalese bride loves their Lehenga exceedingly. It is an accepted formal outfit with similar prominence as Sarees.

8. Capri


Mainly popular among young girls, capri pants are something that modern Nepalese girls love.

9. Shorts


Shorts and hot pants are the latest rages among fashion-conscious young Nepalese girls.

10. Dresses


Young party-loving Nepalese girls are extremely fond of cute and small dresses.

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