10 Common Phrases Every Nepalese Teacher Say

If you went to school during the 90’s in Nepal, you will be familiar with the phrases your teacher constantly scream at you. No matter which school you went to, it seemed like the teachers received same training on how to discipline a pupil. During the school days, the teachers were the omniscient entity in existence and you dared to question their verdict. Here are 10 of the most common phrases every Nepalese teacher said during your school days.

1. The Pin Drop Silence


Despite all the students getting up from the benches, the teacher has to mandatory say “pin drop silence” even the class is already inaudible.

2. Where is your homework?


If you don’t have your homework ready, get ready for, “Khana khana ta birsidaina ta?”

3. You are wasting your parent’s money


If teacher caught you doing mischief, he will prompt your with the offensive phrase that you are draining down your family money.

4. Body here, mind where where!


If you are staring out the window, god save you. The teacher is sure to put forward the question, “body here, mind where where?”

5. Call your parents


No matter what, calling your parents is the way solution can think of.


6. This is the worst class


This phrase is frequently used for every teacher which labels your particular class as the worst he has seen in his teaching career. Not to be surprised since he uses that same phrase in another class.

7. Boys don’t talk with girls


This line made every 90’s kid in Nepal single for a long time. Despite studying in co-ed school, boys and girls were always separated by this unwritten rule of schools.

8. Why were you absent yesterday?


I need doctor’s prescription and need your parent’s signature.

9. You are here to study or not?


Yes, I am here to study. But what I am supposed to do during break time?

10. If you don’t pass Mathematics, your life is worthless


I am yet to find the real life use of trigonometry. And I don’t know why I should be bother about finding ‘X’.

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