10 Insanely Weirdest Movies That Will Give That Will Give You Headache

We’re all used to our traditional narratives and whatnot in films however some filmmakers are into throwing that out the window and making the strangest things you’ve ever seen. From the great directors like David Lynch to the independent creative filmmakers, we have compiled a list of the utterly bizarre, weirdest films ever made which definitely deserves a watch.

We’re all used to our traditional narratives and whatnot in films however some filmmakers are into throwing that out the window and making the strangest things you’ve ever seen. From the great directors like David Lynch to the independent creative filmmakers, we have compiled a list of the utterly bizarre, weirdest films ever made which definitely deserves a watch. The following is a collection of some of these insane films.

1. Rubber (2010)

Rubber is an absurdist comedy about a killer rubber tire that falls in love with the human. The filmmakers obviously set out to make one of the weirdest things ever and they succeeded. Critics praised this film for being clever when it was first released, but like most movies on this list, audiences are divided.

Many have even said this film is borderline unwatchable because of just how weird it is. However, if you think the idea of a rubber tire with scanners powers coming to life to blow up people’s heads and find love humorous then this could be for you.

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2. House (1977)

The list gets weirder from here! Hausu or House is a Japanese film that follows a traditional “haunted house” movie structure until it completely loses its mind. I don’t want to give too much away here, but I will mention that this is a film in which a woman gets eaten by a piano, so just try and imagine that for a second.

But in all its weirdness it has a lot of charm, particularly with its strange special-effects, stuff flying on strings, blood pouring out of walls, odd blue screen, and rear projection as well as paint on frame animation. The amount of effort it would take to make a movie like this would be absolutely insane. It makes for quite the party movie if your friends are down with utter confusion

3. El Topo (1970)

If you’ve ever heard the name Alejandro Jodorowsky then you are aware of some intense insanity. El Topo was his first major release and was cited for starting the midnight movie craze. The movie opens with a naked small child taken out to the desert to bury a picture of his mother and it gets weirder than that. Imagine a western film, but you know on LSD and El Topo is about what you get.

The plot is about a just a noble gunfighter philosophically killing other gunfighters until his betrayal. He then devotes his life to being a monk, I bet you didn’t see that coming. If you like being utterly confused and finding symbols in a film this would probably be a good time, but I wouldn’t watch it with any loved ones because of some explicit scenes.

4. Society (1989)

Society is absolutely insane, I feel like I keep saying that, but it’s hard to describe this film in any other way. It starts out as a traditional horror film with some like incestual undertones, it’s kind of gross and then some of the most amazing creature effects possibly of all time. And what makes this film particularly weird is its usage of such effects, for instance, there is a scene where a man’s face appears on someone’s arse. You just have to see it understand what I am saying.

5. Visitor Q (2001)

Takashi Miike is widely known as one of the most eccentric filmmakers of all time. Well, I could easily add “Ichi The Killer”, “Audition” or many others to this list, but Visitor Q stands out as being the most insane film he’s ever made! The plot of this film is pretty hard to describe after a strange man shows up at a family’s home they completely lose it. They engage in some of the strangest acts known to man including, but not limited to necrophilia, incest, extreme lactation, murder, and pedophilia.

6. The Devils (1971)

The Devils is sadly a film that’s very hard to find because there’s no proper release of it due to the studio objecting to the content of the film. This is extremely sad because it might be one of the greatest films ever made. With that being said it’s pretty weird. The film is about a sexually repressed nun, overcome with jealousy that frames a local priest for rape and heresy and because of this he is prepared for execution. While the other clergy attempt to reconcile all the nuns urges, so they give the nuns like a week’s worth of sin to get it out of their system and they just lose their minds.

They are molesting people, molesting objects, molesting each other, and molesting Jesus figures. It’s completely insane, but they’re all nuns WHAT? If you ever get a chance to see this film I would highly highly recommend it. I know that doesn’t sound appealing based on this description, but it’s pretty amazing.

7. Eraserhead (1977)

To start off with this, I have to include this film on this list even though I’ve talked about it like a thousand times. This is my favorite film of all time. The plot centers around Henry who prematurely has a child. After his wife leaves he’s forced to take care of it and everything after that is basically incomprehensible. The film features some of the most striking visuals and special effects of any movie ever made.

The film is also notable as being the first film from David Lynch, mostly known for Twin Peaks. It was recently released on criterion collection and it’s well worth the confusion that you will most and only experience. One of the weirdest movies ever made.

8. Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989)

It was a film I saw on a plane and the person next to me kept looking over as if there was something horribly wrong with me and there probably is, I mean I made a list like. This film is basically about a man that hits a metal fetishes with his car. The metal fetishist spirit then possesses the main character who begins to grow metal out of his body including and I’m serious a giant metal JOHNSON!

Just like Eraserhead, this movie loses its mind from there. The special effects are absolutely amazing including some lengthy stop-motion sequences. It’s very hard to watch considering some truly disgusting sound effects, but it’s something you must truly experience.

9. Naked Lunch (1991)

Naked Lunch is an art surrealist film and attempted interpretation of a novel and part biography of William Burroughs. This film follows a writer and drug addict that finds himself in the Interzone, a made-up place. His typewriter becomes a big bug and it gets worse, hardly comprehensible and hardly an adaptation of the book of the same name.

This film from David Cronenberg is easily one of the absurd and weirdest movies ever made. David Cronenberg could easily be featured multiple times on this list for his other films like “Videodrome” or “The Fly” but this film is truly his strangest endeavor.

10. The Holy Mountain (1973)

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The Holy Mountain from Alejandro Jodorowsky, the director of El Topo is spiritual, psychological, satirical, comedic, disturbing and absurd. If you want to trip out this film is probably the best decision. The film follows a Christ-like figure on his journey to the holy mountain to achieve immortality and enlightenment.

He’s accompanied by an alchemist and figures from the Instagram that represent different world leaders and ideologies. The film is heavily symbolic and is often seen as a surrealist epic. The film is a spectacle of strange things and has to be seen to be believed. It’s highly interpretative and a challenge to completely comprehend on the first watch.