September 28, 2020

10 Strange Facts About Your Pair Of Jeans You Would’ve Never Thought

Jeans have become fundamental to everyday clothing. Blue jeans can go well with any outfit and they are convenient at its finest. The first jeans were manufactured by Levi Strauss and Co. way back in 1853. The iconic blue jeans that we take it for granted these days were the brainchild of tailor Jacob David with the backing from Levi Strauss.

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It continued to make and explore for the next 140 years. From a durable, loose-fitting garment for the miners to the distressed and the skin-tight bottoms are worn by super-models, it has evolved much in style and meaning.

1. The orange threads are trademarks of Levi’s


2. Chuck Norris wore the first no-tear jeans


3. Marlboro made Denims a household name


4. Tommy Hilfiger gifted pairs of jeans to Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears for $37,000


5. Lee Cooper developed front-zips for women jeans


6. Wrangler designed their jeans based on real-life cowboys


7. In 1950s jeans were considered lower class wear


8. Xingtan in Guangdong, China produces the highest amount of jeans annually


9. The first jeans came out as Indigo Blue color


10. Life Magazine said, ‘The World is a Blue-Jean Country’


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