10 Most Common Disorders That You Don’t Know You Have

Hooked on hand sanitizer ? Not sure if you have locked the door properly even after checking twice? Actually things often become severe when they reach beyond a certain extent. And the same applies to our fears or obsessions as well . If not attempted to overcome or taken care of in time , you may end up in a state of anxiety or distress seeking therapies  and medications.

Well medical science has a bigger term for this – OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) wherein your intrusive thoughts or fears  (obsessions)  are responded by some repetitive actions (compulsions). Here are some common habits or compulsions people have that after a certain degree are likely to become an  OCD:

1. Washing and Cleaning


Yes ,people with contamination fears are often engaged in excessive cleaning of items ,repeated hand washing , showering or anything that can keep the germs away . And the urge to clean is even stronger every next time. Going to great lengths , they may even use a tissue to open a door knob . Seriously?

2. Ordering and Arranging


A feeling of discomfort and incompleteness when things are not set up in a ‘just right’ or ‘symmetrical’ way may compel you to align them perfectly no matter how much time it takes and you can just do it a number of times till you are satisfied.

3. Counting


How  many footsteps have you taken or how many vehicles are laid down on the road or may be the tiles on the ceiling ,you know the count because there is a continuous counting going on in your mind and you just can’t help it.This even goes with  always performing tasks according to a certain numeric pattern considering it lucky.

4. Checking and Rechecking


Some tend to repeatedly check locks ,stoves ,appliances or switches though they are sure that they have already checked it  but the fear that some one may break in and steal possessions or something may cause harm and they will be responsible for this compels to do the same.

5. Even Number Syndrome 


Do you really feel annoyed if something is left on an odd number- be it TV volume, AC temperature- anything . You just try your level best to change that to even and can’t be at comfort till it is done.


6. Finishing off


It is always good to finish off with whatever you start but what if your mind remains in distress and the fear what will happen if can not keeps haunting you all the way round?  May it be completing a book you are reading or  just a glass of milk you can not be at ease till you are done.

7. Over precised time planning


The fear of missing timelines or getting late sometimes make you so obsessed that you start planning the entire day up to the precision of a minute- even if its a holiday. And not being able to stick to the plan makes homes to another worry and you end up in panic.

8. Seeking reassurance


Everyone uses their friends or family as a sounding board, but if you catch yourself repeating the same question over and over for instance about  getting embarrassed at a party—or if your friend points this out—it could signal OCD. What’s more, the reassurance you get from loved ones could be enabling your obsessiveness.

9. Dwelling on Relationships


Breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend can make anyone obsess,but it may be a sign of OCD if the  thoughts get stuck in your head and evolve into excessive self-doubt or fears of being a bad person.

10. Let me take a Selfie 


To the utter shock and truth , this one is a big bang on the list . The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has officially confirmed taking photos of one’s self  and posting  them on social media as an OCD and termed it as ‘Selfitis‘.

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