10 Popular Nepali Songs Unseemingly Harasses Women With Its Lyrics

Songs are believed to trigger dopamine in your body, the feel-good hormone. To some people, songs can provide as much relaxation as cigarettes do for smokers. Songs are the musical representation of any society, it can portray the ethos of the community. However, there are a few songs that have hidden meaning in them. Which you wouldn’t know when hearing it for the first time.

Here is a list of 10 popular Nepalese songs which take women for granted and to some extent think of women as lesser beings.

1. Kati Baschau Mathi Kai Kausi Ma

What problem would the guy have if the girl stays at her maternal home?

2. Chori Bhanda Aama Taruni

The singer is eyeing both the daughter and her mother. That’s just plain creepy. And yet, this song is one of the gems in Nepalese music.

3. Unkai Chori Taruni

This song describes the love between two young people but it focuses only on the sexual desires expressed by female characters and further makes a nonsensical claim on women luring a man.

4. Nakkali Lai Bhagai Lagyo Jhilke Le

This song depicts the frustration of a psycho lover, whose crush marries someone else. If the girl willingly goes with another man, then what is the issue here?

5. Beautiful Girls Nakaal Na Para

Why are you so concerned about the behaviors of girls? Which authority has given you permission to go around policing at New Road or Durbarmarg? Public places belong to the public!

6. Chori Magna Jada

Every father would have his best interest in finding the right guy for her daughter. That’s natural. If you truly love the girl, then you should also respect her father’s decision. Isn’t good to have a secure job?

7. Timilai Dekhera Himal Haseko

This is being cheesy at its worst. Being flirtatious is one thing and throwing out cliched lines one after another is not welcomed by any girl. If she likes you, then she will come to you, if not, your bad luck!

8. Hukka Mero

The singer forcefully wants the girl to fall in love with him.

9. Maski Maski

Why were you following her, it seems she is not looking at you.  She might be afraid due to your continuous stalking.

10. Keti Timi Kati Ramri Dekheko

This song is a monologue of a psycho lover. There is no mention of what the girl thinks of him. It is a one-sided love story.


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