September 19, 2020

10 Things Every Nepalese Teacher Said To Us During Our School Days

Growing up in Nepalese school are full of vibrant memories. The school itself is an adventure of a lifetime. The annoying teacher, the nasty desk-mate, unforgettable buddies, the maddening school routine and the likes. No matter which school you went to there are some things that are all too common on all of them. Especially, your teachers are of the same rational alignment.

The Pin-Drop Silence Mode

When teacher enters the class, we often hear him/her scream, “I want pin-drop silence.”

Show Me Your Homework!

If student says he/she didn’t complete the homework, teacher would throw in the most clichéd line,”Khana khana birsidaina ta?”

Don’t Waste Your Parent’s Money

This is yet another cliched line that we regularly heard during our school days. If we are caught doing some mischief or didn’t do well in examinations, teacher would make sure they utter, “Don’t waste your parent’s money!”

Body here, mind where-where

When you are not paying attention what the teacher have to say, get ready to hear, “Body here, mind where-where.”

Call your parents to school

Having to call your parents to school because you did something hideous is one of the most awful experience in life. The fear that involves to convince your parents that we didn’t do anything wrong is next to impossible.

The kneel down punishment

“Go out of the class and kneel down! This is the worst class I have seen in my life.”

Boys don’t talk with girls

This larger-than-life sentence is the reason most 90’s kid remained single.

You were absent yesterday, give me a doctor’s prescription

Not every illness needed we go to doctor. Maybe a Paracetamol helped me cure my sickness!

Is it a school or fish market?

What are students supposed to do in lunch break? Children will make noise while eating and playing. Why call it a fish market?

If you don’t do well in Maths, your life is ruined

Till today, I don’t know where to apply those algebraic equations that I learned during school in my daily life.

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