10 Prominent Lingerie Brands In The World To Spice Up Your Life

‘A woman’s lingerie says a lot about her.’

Lingerie has become an essential part of modern day fashion industry. It is not no longer associated with comfort, but rather for attractive sex appeal. The lingerie market is an ever growing and has expanded its horizon.

It is not hidden behind the closest anymore. More and more women are clear about their lingerie needs. If you are looking for some of the finest brands in lingerie, look no further, here are the eminent brands when it comes to highest class lingerie market.

10. Agent Provocateur


Agent Provocateur is a British label Lingerie retailer founded in 1994 by Joseph Corre and Serena Rees. It is very popular choice for luxury lingerie. It has a wide range of explorations in their designs like bold and flirtatious and even a little coy. Each and every design is a masterpiece and comes in the category of top notch brands.

9. Kiki de Montparnesse


Kiki de Montparnesse is the global luxury brand of New York City which celebrates intimacy and inspires the romantic imagination among people founded in 1920 by Alice Prin. She was a French artist’s model, nightclub singer, actress and painter.

8. Cosabella


Cosabella was founded in 1983 by an Italian husband-and-wife. Not only the hot celebrities – Pam Anderson, Katie Holmes and Sarah Jessica Parker whom we have enjoyed seeing in lingerie, but they are all hardcore fans of Cosabella to make her body functional shapewear look hot which make it to come in one of the most desired brand.

7. Victoria’s Secret


It is one of the most recognizable lingerie brands in the world. Victoria’s secret was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond and his wife. Women prefer this brand as it’s in the top 10 lingerie brands and also because it has the PINK line for teens and luxurious undergarments to look sexy. Victoria’s secret companies grossed $500,000 in its first year of business.

6. Faire Frou Frou


As you know that each luxury brand has a distinct sense of style and different sources of inspiration and stood 5th in the list of top 10 lingerie brands in the world. It is French phrase ‘Faire Frou Frou’ that means to show off. It was founded in 2005 by Alison and Gail Rubke. This brand is only for the women who appreciate the finer things in their life and it can transform anyone into a sexy classy figure instantly.


5. Pleasurements


Pleasurements is a highly exclusive luxury lingerie and erotica fashion brand. It is the best source of inspiration for women who are creating their sensual and erotic fantasies as well. it was founded in 2003 by Rebbeca. Each and every piece is carefully designed with the best luxurious components.

4. Fluer of England


Fluer of England is a luxury British design house. This was founded in 2001 by Meet Fleur. This brand creates feminine designs out of high quality fabrics which is perfectly designed and stitched. Many celebrities have been seen wearing this brand including Sarah Jessica Parker and Katy Perry as it is one of the finest brand of lingerie.

3. Fox and Rose


Fox and Rose was founded by the two designers Amanda Lorenzani and Alexandra Miro who bonded over their love of lingerie. Fox and Rose name represents the two sides to a woman, the bold, seductive fox and the elegant rose. It’s very feminine and sophisticated.

2. Guia la Bruna


Guia la Bruna has a vintage look which remade for a youthful modern crowd. Guia la Bruna was founded by an Italian designer, Guia la Bruna. Silk fabric is used to make these kinds of lingerie because of its way to fall on the body. One can breathe new life into the old styles. It is also popular for their luxurious swim wear.

1. Carine Gilson


Carine Gilson was founded in 1994 by Carine Gilson. The brand is nothing short of the finest elegance with a slightly extravagant twist. The haut-couture lingerie collections from Carine Gilson are all hand stitched. Most of the lingerie is made from the best Lyon silk fabric. It focuses on quality and the uniqueness of each and every piece that is made first among world’s best.

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