10 Signs That Proves You Are ‘Over-The-Top’ Brand Conscious Person

When it comes to our class and status, we all like to show off, but some of us are just over self-obsessed who don’t like to wear anything except brand. For them, the brand is like their life and they can’t live without branded shopping. Most of their time spent in shopping malls wandering around the brand’s showroom so they can keep themselves updated from the new arrivals.

They love to show off in every event and as soon as you will ask them about their dress, then they will give you each and every detail about the dress. If you are the one, then here are a few signs.

1. Recognizes the brand

You have the power to recognize the brand at one sight and if people are lying to you about their shopping then you can tell them about the new arrival and you have never seen such dress there in the showroom.

2. The Brand is a definition

The brand is like your definition and you use things to define yourself. In any party, in any function, you choose the different and expensive brand in all so people can see your status and notice you.

3. You guess people’s personality from brand

You always notice brands when it comes to guessing about people’s personality. You notice their brands and it gives you an idea what is their living status and what’s their status when it comes to shopping.

4. No brand?

In your opinion, if people are not using any brand, then they are not capable of buying anything good. If someone is not in favor of brand it means that they don’t have good taste in shopping and brands.

5. Everyone knows you

Showroom people of every brand know you and you are like their special customer now. You can recognize the brand of every showroom because you are kind of experience now.

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6. Lots of shopping from sale on brands

If they are selling items in the sale option, then here is the opportunity for you to take all of them. You love to purchase them at low prices and now you have the opportunity to make the most of it.

7. You correct their pronunciation

You always make corrections in people’s accent when they are making mistakes in pronouncing your favorite brand and it makes you angry sometimes.

8. You feel powerful

Whenever you use brands and go to some party to show your brand, then people praise you for your amazing sense of fashion. This is the time when you feel like the queen of the world.

9. You even use ugly things

If they are selling an ugly bag from the Gucci then you will buy it because it’s from Gucci and you don’t care about the appearance. If it’s branded then who cares about the looks dude.

10. The brand logo should be in every pic

If someone is taking your picture then you always make sure that your brand is flashing in the pic so for the life you can show the picture to everyone.

Anyway, be it a branded product or not, quality is what matters at the end, right?