10 Things That Every Nepali Girl Hears Before Her Wedding

Marriage? What is marriage? Why is it important to marry someone? Who will be the perfect for me? These questions often arise in minds of unmarried people be it a boy or a girl for that matter.

Simply, we can say that marriage is a legal relationship between two human beings and this bond is regarded as the strongest one. In many conservative families, parents or the family members start to plan for their daughter’s marriage after their birth.

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In a normal Nepalese family, parents start to think about their marriage as soon as they reach the age of 20 and by the time she completes her education, she gets married. Moreover, recent trend has arrived, as more girls are getting married at early age which ranges between 20-25 years. It sounds strange, but they mainly focus on marrying someone rather than focusing in their education and career.

They keep their education and career secondary as they think that they can do that after marriage as well. However, after marriage priorities change and for girls it’s more tough because, they will have overall responsibility of their family due to which they can’t give their 100% to develop their career.

I am not saying that this is true in each and every case as there are many live examples of women, who have been very successful after in their career even after marriage, but everyone is not as lucky as them.

Since, everything has its pros and cons, it always depends upon people on what they prefer and prioritize. When someone hears about their marriage, there are lots of things that come in their mind. Here are certain things that every Nepalese girl hears in regards of getting married:

1. Marriage is not only a relationship between two human beings, as it involves two families and their relationship as well.


2. Both the families should have same caste as this matter a lot in our Nepalese society. This becomes a matter of their prestige. Inter-caste marriage is prevalent but the ratio is very less-comparatively.


3. Trust, love, respect and supporting each other is the basis for successful marriage. These things are often taught by the parents to the girls before they get married.


4. Whenever, parents want to get their daughters married, they always search for well-off families so that their children do not face troubles. They look for guys, who are independent, responsible and able to make correct decision.


5. Though we talk about equality and impartiality between boys and girls, there are certain cases in which girls have limitations. This is how our society functions.


6. When a girl gets married, it is completely a new start for them as they have to adjust themselves in completely new family.


7. Since, it is a new start for the girls; she has to maintain a good and healthy relationship with her husband’s family.


8. The bride to be should know most of the household works.


9. The girls are always taught that after marriage, they need to give priority to their family rather than their personal benefits. They have to think about their family first and then themselves.


10. They are only allowed to work only if they can simultaneously handle their family and family relationship properly and in an effective and efficient way. If they are unable to do so, they are not allowed to work.


So, these are some of the points that every Nepalese girls have to go through and think whenever it comes to getting married. Do you agree with it?

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