10 Things You Can Relate With If You Are One Of The ‘Selfie-sh’ User

Ever counted the number of pics you captured before uploading the best one on your Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat account? Is your cell phone stuffed with your pictures from all the possible angles from 90 degree to 360 degrees? Do you get ready to get clicked? Well, if all the answers to the above questions are “YES”, then you are probably addicted to selfies.

There was a time when we use to capture the world, now is the time we are bent to capture ourselves. “I” in the universe, “I” in America, “I” in Mumbai, “I” in the classroom. “I” in a yacht, “I” in a restaurant, “I in a club”, “I” in the kitchen, “I” in the loo- OH MY GOD!

Here are 10 things to which you can relate to if you are one of our selfie-shh creature:

1. You buy the mobile phone with best camera quality. Oops! I forgot to mention, the front camera quality matters a lot more than any other thing.

2. You are probably the only one in your group who pouts best.

3. You are the one inclined to capture the moment as a memory. Though, after collecting those memories you get busy in capturing your own self, with the best outfit, lipstick, hair and somehow get yourself detached from that “memory”.

4. You dress your best, but not to impress. The only motto behind dressing well is to get a selfie worth admiration. You are no more impressed by in-person compliments, but you definitely keep a check on comments below your selfies.

5. The background doesn’t matter, a selfie is a selfie- be it in a barn or burn.

6. While clicking your pics, you get extra flexible to revolve your hand in all directions and degrees just to get that “oh-so-perfect” look.

7. Your phone is filled with your selfies. You may have 5398 pics in your phone out of which 4218 are just YOUR selfies.

8. You have all those beautifying apps on your phone which helps turning a beast into a prince. Though you just need them to clear blemishes, acne, slimming, blaa and blaa and then BANG! You have a picture ready to be uploaded.

9. A pout, a wink, a tongue-out- you have a COMMAND on all those witty looks.

10. You are the one who clicks a group selfie in your group, family, etc.. as you know you are gonna ace it.

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