November 27, 2020

10 Typical Things Nepalese Apple Users Do That Annoys People

No other gadget is a bigger status symbol for us Nepalese than our mobile phones. And we have a lot of mobile phones flashing around us. However, the one phone that ascends above the rest is, of course, the iPhone. And the moment you bring home an iPhone you start exhibiting certain traits that distinguish you from the rest of the mobile phone users.

1. Although the iPhone is the only Apple product they use, they give long and irrelevant lectures on how all Apple products are superior.


2. Treat other huge brands like Samsung and Blackberry like they are rip-off Chinese brands.


3. Every time there’s a discussion on phones they autoplay the line ‘If you don’t have an iPhone then you don’t have iPhone.’


4. Cover up the iPhone with such tacky looking covers that even Tim Cook wouldn’t be able to recognize it.


5. They look down upon Android users as though they have some contractible disease.


6. They go on and on about the amazing productivity of an iPhone but in reality, only use it play Candy Crush Saga.


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7. Even if the topic of conversation is ‘global warming’ or ‘petrol shortage’, they bring it back to how cool their iPhone is.


8. Their selfie-habit becomes even more out of control once they have an iPhone.


9. They automatically form a cosmic bond with fellow iPhone users around them.


10. Anytime a non-iPhone user asks if they have a normal phone charger, they respond with a condescending “Uh-hello. I have an iPhone”.


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