September 21, 2020

10 Vegetarian Food You Eat Without Knowing They Are Slightly Non-Veg

The people in this world can be classified into two types mainly – Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians! However, if one would look closely, the line between the two categories is actually blurred, making man rather an omnivore! There are certain food items deemed veg, but actually have non-veg element or ingredient in it!

Offensive Indian Food Items You Should Never, Ever Have With Your Parents

1. Naan

The star of our outdoor meals, naan uses egg to knead the dough and make it soft. Not all use eggs, so you may want to confirm it with the chef before ordering!

2. Cheese

Everybody’s favorite delicacy, cheese is irresistible, especially in pizza, burgers, lasagna. But, did you know that some variants of cheese have an enzyme called Rennet? It is derived from the gastrointestinal tract of animals.

3. Salad Dressing

Exotic dressing over salad, not only looks great but is also a health-conscious food that one can relish. But, many have eggs in it. So, if you are an eggitarian, then go ahead and keep relishing!

4. Chewing Gum

One of the primary ingredients of gums is gelatine – derived from the skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones of pigs and cows! Now you know what you chew onto!

5. Cake

Again, eggs are used for kneading and softening the dough. Although, eggless cakes are popular too, the ones with eggs too dominate the market!

6. Chocolates

Chocolates are everyone’s temptation that is hard to beat. But, it also has a hard fact that it should be checked out before buying. It may contain Rennet, which is extracted from the calf’s stomach after slaughter.

7. Doughnuts

The delicious and handy doughnut may contain an enzyme called L. Cysteine which is used for conditioning the dough. Surprisingly, it is made from duck feather and pig trotter!

8. Packed Orange Juice

It is tasty and relinquishes our thirst on a hot day, with added minerals that up to its health quotient. But, some juices have omega-3 fatty acids that come from fish oils. The abundant vitamin D in the juice is derived from lanolin, a natural oil found in the fiber of sheep’s wool.

9. White Sugar

This is an everyday item that is used in a plethora of dishes and drinks, but the “natural carbon” used for bleaching comes from charred animal bones. Most of the companies prefer granular carbon because it doesn’t contain animal products. It’s better to use brown sugar.

10. Beer

Some wine and beer makers cook the juice of the various plant products by adding some animal products to them too. They often add things like egg whites, crabs, lobsters, black and red ants, lizards, bones of pigs and cows, the connective tissue of crows and fish bladder.

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