10 Ways How Modern Tech Wonders Are Sucking The Fun Out of Our Lives

Irrefutably, the advent of technology morphed the way the globe functions but nonetheless, it cannot earn all the brownie points. There exist heck of not so good points as well. Technology, from one perspective, has taken out all the fun out of our lives. Certainly, what fun means to an individual varies from one person to another, but we all can concur down on a couple of terms where we are at loss due to the technology. Following is the list of ten ways in which modern tech is sucking the fun out our lives.

1. Notifications

The incessant beeping of the cellphones apparently is amazing for it talks about our popularity and fame on social media. But it messes up with our lives as well. Every single move that you make in your life is accompanied by the beeps of the technology. Be it social media, various types of alarms and whatnot. The notifications distract us to the core affecting our attention span which is falling rapidly. I assume, there’s no fun when you get disturbed by the notifications whilst you have your bite of favorite pizza or for that matter are en-route to your most coveted destination.

2. Dependency

There’s no harm in getting dependent on anyone or anything. Throughout our lives, we have been trained to be self-reliant and with the grand welcome of our beloved technology, we have forgotten to be all by ourselves. We rely on it to the point that we cannot even dare thinking of living bereft it. Years of grooming and high profile lectures on independence and now the youngest invention breaks all the norms and enslaves us getting triumphant all the way.

3. Dearth in know-how

Once, quizzes, questionnaires or puzzles had some purpose. There was some beauty associated with being referred to as the human encyclopedia but thanks to the navigation systems, search engines and etc, those very things have lost their glory. There were times when knowing all the answers was a matter of pride and now it is almost pretty futile until and unless exams are bouncing upon on your heads. Every question you need to find an answer to, every place you wish to reach to can be sought out with the help of the technology. Who needs the assistance of humans when my machines can do the entire job?

4. Interpersonal communication takes a backseat

Virtual communication or machine mediated communication has been acing all the various kinds of communication. Those laughter, voices, touch, expressions and eye movements are all amiss. They are the essence of any conversation which the technology-driven talk has taken away. Life gets all the more mundane with the mere texts and a slew of words that just convey the notions and the ideas and nothing beyond that. It, in a way, murders the conversations away.

5. Fickle-Minded

The whole host of choices available due to the technology, the human brain has become somewhat like a pendulum. We, the homo sapiens, have become so fickle-minded, that we have forgotten what does it mean to make stable choices? Obviously it tends to affect our loyalty trait as well. From the plethora of the choices available, we cannot make our mind up, leave alone for sticking to an option but to select a specific choice as well for that matter,

6. Time Flies

The technology is supposed to make our lives convenient by saving on our time but the truth is if we give it a thought, we perhaps figure out that it eventually squanders away our time for we fail to manage it effectively. Usually, we resort to the technology to get our work instantly done, however, the more we commence using it, the more involved we get and then surges the desire to explore it further which takes away all our time.

7. Observation haywire

Our engrossment in the technology gets all the marks in the world and we are so faithfully wedded to the technology that we have divorced away with our surroundings. We hardly care enough to notice what is happening around that our it would not be amazing if we earn a D grade on any observation test. There’s actually no fun on reaming glued up to the LED’s and know not a thing about the environment. Perhaps, you could be missing a lot.

8. Absence of emotions

Thanks to the machines around us, we, humans are nearing to be robots. The lack of empathy, carefree attitude, go to hell mindset, hell guys, we owe to the machines we have made our best friends. If the human race has almost butchered compassion, we cannot deny the role of the few batteries and wires. To be human is nowhere to be robotic. Our emotions define who we are and they should always be the part of the very us.

9. The moment goes away

The extreme and incessant involvement and our so adorable relationship bar us from living the very present moment. Technology takes away all our attention and then it becomes pretty arduous for us to remain in contemporary times which slaughter the fun gradually. We most likely do not realize it but then it does happen. Cease the technological dependence and you might fall in love with your life for you would realize how very loving it is.

10. Ciao Innovative Mind

We, humans, are all analog and technology operates in the digital format. The technology eventually wires our brain as if it’s indoctrinating us to become all rational and digitize ourselves. The logical neurons are so active that the innovative cells go for the six. We lose our basic features of the inquisitiveness and innovation and all we become is the questioning robot in every scenario.

In a nutshell, it can be said that technology has certainly revolutionized the way we operate and as the cliché goes, “ there’s another side of the coin as well.” It does have certain demerits as well. I am sure, we can trace them down and eliminate them out of our lives only to reap all the fruits of the tech stuff.