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10 Ways To Throw The Best Bachelorette Party For Your Bestie

This party is typically hosted by one or more members of the wedding party, although it is possible for any friend to host a party in honor of the bride-to-be. Formally, a party in honor of the bride-to-be is never hosted by the bride-to-be, although she may participate in its planning. In contemporary times, it has become an integral part of weddings, something which every bride and her friends look forward to with jilted emotions.

Here’s a list of ways to throw the best bachelorette party for your bestie.

1. Choose a destination which the bride-to-be will love

It is of utmost importance that the destination must be of the bride’s choice so that she can enjoy her best and bubble with joy. It can be somewhere outside the country or in a nightclub which offers the best ambiance or a beach house or somewhere near a pool. It can be anything but it must be classy and comfortable so that there are no sulky faces around.

2. Choose a creative party theme

Being a best friend you must try your best to throw a party which people will talk about for years and to accomplish this, you must be creative in deciding its theme. Some very popular themes of bachelorette party are “The Great Gatsby” theme, “Sex and the City” theme, “Barbie” theme and many more. Choose whichever suits the mood best.

3. Create a fantastic playlist

Music is the soul of any party. Without music, everything is just so melancholic, drudgery and sad. The task of jumbling over at least a 100 songs must begin months before so that you aren’t left all confounded and resourceless at the end. The playlist must include Karaoke songs, old school classics, and some cool indie chick numbers.

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4. Book accommodations and events

Once you know the number of guests attending the party, you can look up accordingly and select whichever places fulfill every criterion. Just make sure that the place you’ve booked is of the bride’s choice or is one of her favorites. Make a list beforehand of things you’ll include in the party to make it all sassy and interesting.

5. Order an unforgettable cake

Cakes are a must but they shouldn’t be just any cake. Instead of getting a simple, sober cake, go for something that will tinkle the heart and throws everyone into surprise. Getting an amazing and yummy cake is always a win-win situation. Some common designs to go for when it comes to cake can be “Lingerie-shaped cake”, “Champagne-shaped cake” and many more. Don’t fail on this one.

6. Photo Shoot

You must not forget to hire a professional photographer for this event who can capture all the moments beautifully. Sometime later in life, you can make a collage out of them and gift it on a future birthday of the bride-to-be. If you are low on budget, you can ask a friend who knows her way around the camera to photo shoot the entire event. don’t forget to ask her to capture some embarrassing moments to laugh later at.

7. Plan some fun-filled games

Simply chit-chatting can dull a party very soon. It is neither possible for the host nor for the bride-to-be to keep everyone engaged and keep on interacting with everyone. Someone will always be left out in the bustle. Also, many will be there who won’t be familiar with the other guests. In such scenarios, games can definitely help to sparkle the party up. There can be truth or dare, karaoke singing, paper dance or everyone can bring lingerie which describes their persona the best.

8. Share memories

The party must have an emotional angle to it, something that you all will remember and cherish forever. Ask everyone to come one by one and share the most intimate memory that they have with the bride-to-be. Later, you can ask them to pen down the same memory, put it in a glass jar and gift it to the bride-to-be.

9. Plan a surprise dance

A few of the very close friends of the bride-to-be and assemble together before a few months of the party and choreograph an item number or any dance together and once everyone is busy in the party, BAM! Here comes the surprise. This will leave everyone in an exalted mood, all freshen up and happily surprised. Go for it!

10. End with gifts

The best way to end the party is to end with gifts. Anything which all of the guests are planning to give on the wedding day can instead be given at the end of the bachelorette party. This will leave the bride-to-be happy, excited and feeling all special. Gifts cheer everyone up and there won’t be the sadness of the bachelorette party coming to an end because then it will be followed by the exultation of what’s inside those wrapping paper.

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10 Ways To Throw The Best Bachelorette Party For Your Bestie

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