11 Comments Every South Indian Gets Annoyed Hearing And They Are Funny

When did you last meet a South Indian and shoot a question like ‘do you watch Hindi movies?’ This is quite common for every non-south Indian to ask such silly questions that can be annoyed for people from South India. We believe Indians are brothers and we all are same but when it comes to South Indian, they from being an Indian turns South Indian. Why?

Also, if any person from South India travels to any corner of India for vacation, work or any other purpose gets to hear a few common comments which can annoy them. Do you among the ones who fire such a question to the people from South India then surely your comment will be from which I mentioned below. So, read the comments and find your one which annoys every South Indian.

1. How come you’re fair! You cannot be from South India.

Of course, people from South India can be fair. There is nothing new in this. But if you ask such question to them then this is clear racism but no one raises an object on it.

2. Rajinikanth will be your favorite actor no! I heard that you also worship him.

It’s not mandatory that every South Indian thing is associated with Rajinikanth or anyone has Rajinikanth as their favorite actor.

3. How you abuse in your language? Tell me some.

This is really annoying. For others, it is intriguing to know how some words sound in any South Indian language.

4. Why do you all have an obsession with Idlis and Dosas?

Just like others have an obsession with their region’s food. Punjabis have for lassi and parantha. Indoris have for poha and Jalebi.

5. Tamil, Kannada, Telugu all are the same! They are South Indian.

No guys! Tamil, Telugu, Kannada all are different and belong to different states. Your general knowledge is too low.

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6. You are from South India! How come you have straight hair not curly?

Nothing surprising about it and having straight or curly hair doesn’t relate to the place of birth.

7. Why all South Indians wear so much of gold?

They have a lot of gold, so they wear. Silly question to ask any South Indian.

8. Do you wear ‘lungi’ in college too?

The word ‘Uniform’ and its meaning are known in South India too. And colleges have the uniform system.

9. You cook everything in Coconut oil! How does pasta taste then?

They know what olive oil and virgin oil is. Being from South India doesn’t mean that every food gets cooked in only Coconut oil.

10. Do you watch only Tamil films? Or Hindi sometimes!

Do you watch Tamil films? If yes, then how did you think they don’t watch Hindi films. They can speak and understand Hindi as you can.

11. Oh! You eat non-veg! But South Indians are vegetarian.


Not every south Indian is a Brahmin and not every brahmin is a vegetarian too. So, people, you need to stop being so judgmental. They eat non-veg.

Dear buddies! These comments may sound funny but are these funny for every South Indian too? Put yourself in place of them and think about it. They get so sick of hearing these annoying questions that you ask about South. They are like us, they are Indian, so its time you change from being such an infuriating judgemental crap.