11 Facts About Maggie Doyne You Didn’t Knew

Maggie Doyne has been felicitated as CNN Hero of the Year 2015 in front of an all-star cast. It is third time that the prestigious award has been conferred to individuals who accentuated their heroic works in Nepal.

First it was Anuradha Koirala, then came Pushpa Basnet, and now the American Maggie Doyne who devoted her life in serving children in Nepal. Her selfless determinations which improved lives of hundreds of children have been revered.

Her act of kindness in providing education to underprivileged children is truthfully a blessing for rural community of Surkhet. Doyne’s work is rightly an encouragement to millions of aspiring social workers. We have complied facts about Maggie Doyne that not many people know about.

The immense undertaking by Maggie Doyne deserve all the appreciation. The unconditional support that she has given to hundreds of children in the rural district of Surkhet deserves gratitude of the highest order.

1. Jersey Girl

Maggie Doyne visit- 2011-04-20

Maggie Doyne was born and raised in Mendham Borough, New Jersey. She has two siblings, Kate and Libby.

2. Stay-at-Home Dad

maggi-doyne-cnn-hero-2015 (11)

Her father Steve Doyne quit his job as manager at local natural foods store to become stay-at-home dad, while her mother was working as real estate agent.

3. Gap Year

maggi-doyne-cnn-hero-2015 (5)

In the 2005, after her high school graduation, she decided to take a break from her studies and go explore travelling with the help of LeapNow organization.

4. India

maggi-doyne-cnn-hero-2015 (2)

Her first association with children was not in Nepal, but rather in northern India. She was left in charge of looking after more than 50 kids at the children home.

5. First Trip to Nepal

maggi-doyne-cnn-hero-2015 (1)

Doyne came to Nepal to visit her friend’s hometown who she met in India.


6. Hema

maggi-doyne-cnn-hero-2015 (10)

While in Nepal she came across a girl named Hema, who was working by the river bank breaking stones. Maggie decided to help Hema go to school, she used her savings from her babysitting job back in New Jersey.

7. Land Purchase

maggi-doyne-cnn-hero-2015 (7)

Soon after Hema got the opportunity to continue her studies, Maggie decided to use all of her savings to help other children as well. She even conducted a fundraiser in her hometown and used the money to purchase a land at Kopila Valley, Surkhet.

8. Kopila Valley Children’s Home

maggi-doyne-cnn-hero-2015 (6)

In 2008, she established Kopila Valley Children’s home to 44 children. These children were provided proper care and education in the centre.

9. Kopila Valley School

maggi-doyne-cnn-hero-2015 (4)

Maggie Doyne became unsatisfied with the education system and felt the need to broaden outreach of other needy children. Therefore, in 2010 she established her own institution, named, Kopila Valley School.

10. Kopila Valley Women Centre

maggi-doyne-cnn-hero-2015 (3)

In 2013, Doyne opened a women centre with the objective of providing literacy and vocational skills training to the women of Surkhet.

11. BlinkNow Foundation

maggi-doyne-cnn-hero-2015 (9)

Maggie Doyne is the founder and CEO of BlinkNow Foundation. The organization receives funding and rent-free office space from the Community Foundation of New Jersey.

A big salute from all of us here at Buzzativ! to this wonderful human being. Our world needs more heroes like her.

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