November 27, 2020

11 Reasons Why Exes Might Come Knocking Back To Your Heart Again

Loving with all madness, affection, emotion makes the person weak for the person they love. Guys if you have ever fallen in love, you will understand the feeling of love and also the pain of breaking up with that person.

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Separating with the person with whom you dreamt to spend your life is the most heart-breaking emotion. It takes only a minute to call a breakup but surviving with that breakup isn’t easy at all. However, time heals everything and when you are about to move on in your life, there knocks none other than your ex.

You will start thinking why! Why are they coming back? So, let’s find out the possibilities of their appearance in your life again.

1. They are in a state of jealousy

If you have moved on after a break-up and now is happy with someone, at this time your ex is approaching you that means he is not really interested in you. All is he is jealous of your happiness.

2. They are unable to move on

Your memories are not letting them move on. And they find coming back to you is the only solution.

3. They are regretting their decision

Breaking-up with you is now regretted by them. Bad things made you apart but the person is regretting the mistake made by them.

4. They are finding you hotter than before

Your hot post on social media has realized how hot are you! And this is making them crazy for you again.

5. They have been changing to become a better one

They have known that what was the actual cause that brought you both at this point and now the person has become a better one.

6. They are feeling guilty

Now your lover is feeling guilty for becoming the reason for the breakup and wants to be with you again.

7. They are snooping to confirm before moving on

They are coming back to you only to spy on you. They want to know you still waiting for them or not!

8. They are assured that you will be with them again

They are knocking the door of your heart again as they know that you will be back with them again no matter how bad they treated you.

9. They are only missing the good sex with you

Sex, yes sex can be one reason that your ex is coming back to you once again. They want nothing but only sex.

10. They are not getting over you

They still remember you and want you back in their life. Breaking-up with you was their biggest mistake and now they want to be with you again.

11. They genuinely love you

Above all, they love you. They truly love you, so they are coming back in your life.

These can be the reasons why your ex is knocking the door of your heart again. So, before going to open it for them, be sure.


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