September 28, 2020

11 Signs That Shows You Are ‘Big-Time’ Foodie And Can’t Deny It

There are two types of people in this world. One who lives to eat, and the other who eats to live. The second types are the normal people who consume food for survival, for proper body functioning. Whereas, the first category are the people who can’t live without food. They are a big time foodie.

Their entire life revolves around food. They think of food terminology. Anything and everything they are involved in will include food as a core component.

1. The first thing you ask at your friend’s house is, “What have you made today?”


2. Group parties, get-together all happens at the best food joint.


3. There is no difference for you in breakfast, lunch or dinner. Food for Foodie.


4. Your daily food intakes look like this, before breakfast, breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, lunch, after lunch, before dinner, dinner, after dinner and so on.


5. Your dictionary does not have the word, “diet.” You can’t live without food.


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6. You attend get-together and parties for one simple reason. Food.


7. When food is at stake, your abilities increase forty-fold.


8. Nothing but food will grab your attention.


9. You instinctively gaze the person who has the best and tasty lunch box.


10. You love the food that your relative make.


11. Etiquette is non-existential when it’s about food.


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