11 Words Every Nepalese Overweight Girl Goes Through

Being overweight is not bad in itself. The society makes a bigger deal out of it, rather than the overweight person. Here are 11 phrases every Nepalese overweight girl goes through in her daily life.

1. Aunty, where does this road leads to?


OMG! I am only 26 and the person asking me the question looks 43?

2. Are Your Pregnant?


STFO! I am yet to date a guy.

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3. Who do you think will marry you?


Thank you for your kind concerns. I will be happily married I will make sure to invite you to my wedding. Now beat that!

4. Are you happy with your body?


If I answer ‘No’, can you take some kilos off my weight?

5. I suppose black color suits you more


I have my own choice, I don’t need your expert advice on dress sense.

6. Sweetheart you look like Bharati (Indian Stand Up comedian)


If you are comparing with the talent, then I shall take it as a compliment. Otherwise, keep your comments to yourself.

7. In local transportation, “Duita seat linu huncha”


Now, this is offensive. You can go to the next bus if you think you won’t fit.

8. Consume honey and lemon to lose weight


Hello there Dietitian!

9. Why don’t you join the gym?


Does the new constitution of Nepal grant one murder? If yes, I would like to kill this person. I know about the gym.

10. How many times do you eat in a day?


What would you do with the calculations?

11. Where do you buy your clothes?


I don’t wanna live anymore! Don’t you know that the clothing industry does cater to us too?

Share with us if you ever experienced such instances, or you know someone who is overweight. We would love to hear from you.


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