11 Fashion Fads People Living In Indian Sub-Continent Needs To Stop!

Our education system is already failed that students had no thinking ability to decide what they actually wanted to do in life. In addition to that, most of the Indians have imbibed western culture so much and yet some of them say ‘we are proud to be an Asian.’ The real Indian shows it through actions instead of saying it with pride.

Right from the dressing style till partying culture, these days some Indians imbibed western culture in every aspect possible. Some people do shopping from only international brands, follow internet trends without knowing what they are for, talk with a fake accent in front of foreigners and yet they say we are proud of our heritage.

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But what they forget is our sub-continent fashion is so beautiful when compared to western fashion. Some people love to experiment with every clothing style possible. It’s up to their wish. However, some things never lead to good results.

For the sake of humankind, we need to stop making these 11 mistakes:

1. Skirt Leggings – It is just unflattering

2. Saree with sports shoes – Not at all recommended

Some people do walking also very wrong. And if you really want greater health benefits then start wearing comfortable loose pants and shirt along with sports shoes instead of with saree.

 3. Sports shoes with formal clothes – Seems doing exercise whole the day!!

4. Sleeveless frock with an inner full-sleeved top?

5. Saree with a cardigan- No words to describe this awkward dressing!

6. Tucked-in t-shirts with formal pants – Looks worst for those who don’t have a muscular physique

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7. Socks with open footwear – Really, Is India a cold country or what?

8. Long, printed skirts with printed tops – Dressing style combination matters a lot

9. Matching accessories with their clothes – A perfect example for western dressing

10. Calf-length pants with a short Kurti is horrendous

11. Bags and shoes of the same color- Too much of addiction is good for nothing

Some people are addicted to this so much that they can’t go out without matching and most of the time they end up spoiling their moods. Saying in words is very easy but showing it in actions needs a lot of dedication. Indian culture is widely accepted all over the world. It is what attracted Britishers once upon a time and felt bad of themselves, felt jealous of us, and destroyed our culture systematically.

You can imagine how much beauty lies in Indian culture which made others feel jealous. Most of the western countries experience the cold climate and so their dressing is according to that to protect themselves from such shivering cold climate. Whereas in the Indian sub-continent, the scenario is different. It’s time to know about the greatness of our culture even in dressing and start following. Whether you accept this or not, proper dressing matters a lot. It speaks what you are.

The other person can know whether you are disciplined or kind or rude or lazy and of course what kind of job you do. If you are doing just what your neighbor does, then you should seriously consider changing this, to lead a happy and peaceful life.