October 29, 2020

12 Funny And Alternate Maps You Would Never Be Taught At School

The last time many of us saw a map or atlas is when we were in school. We used maps to learn where different continents, countries, oceans, deserts, etc. located in the world. Those maps hardly taught us anything new except the Earth’s geographical or demographical information. What you are about to see now on the topic are 12 funny and illustrative world maps that tell us more about the world’s reality!

How do Americans see different countries in the world? What does the rest of the world think about the United States? Keep reading the topic to know answers via maps to more such intriguing questions!

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1. The world according to Ronald Reagan

The world according to Ronald Reagan looks quite different from the world as we see it. California takes up more than half of the United States, while the other half are republics, or as he thinks, the real Americans. Overseas is mainly the USSR and oil in the middle east.

2. How America views the world

Every one of us has an opinion on a particular country. For example, when I think of Australia, I think of its beer.  I’m sure it is going to be Kangaroos in your case! What does an average American think about the world countries? This map has the answer. Moose, hockey, and free healthcare system are the three things that spring to most Americans’ minds when they think about Canada. They see Chinese as evil Commies, India as curry, and Africa as sand. For Americans, Mexico is Tequila and Brazil is drugs! No wonder the rest of the world finds America weird!

3. The United States of Products

Sometimes it does feel like the United States is a land of product pushing. If you break it down by state, it’s actually quite true and kind of funny. Apple is big in California while Texas is all about Dr. Pepper. Maine and L.L. Bean seem to go tother naturally, while Hooters is big in Florida, and we do mean big.

4. Florida explained

Everyone knows that people from the east coast tend to retire to Florida. Here we’ve got it broken down as to which snowbirds retire to which part of the sunny state. Looks like the old rich people like it further south, while the rednecks stay further north. In the middle is where all the tourists seem to go.

5. San Francisco Bay

Is this what the San Francisco Bay Area looks like? Gangs and meth labs, child molesters and white trash? If you break it down by area it may just look that way to the locals. The further south you go, you have earthquakes, and further north is some hella big trees.

6. How Europeans and Americans see each other

The way American’s see Europe and the way we Europeans see America is a little bit off, wouldn’t you say. American’s see Russia as the mother of all, with France being sissies, while Europeans see all of America as the state of Texas, and the rest as California and a tiny bit New York.

7. The United States of Awesome

When you break down the United States of America, you can see that each state views itself differently. It looks like California is the safest for workers while Arizona is the sunniest and Oregon has the most breastfed babies. Depending on where you live, you have the highest life expectancy rate.

8. The world according to Alcoholics

If you’re an alcoholic, this would be how you might see the world. The United States would be Budweiser country, while Canada would be Molson, Mexico seems to always be Tequila. Russia looks like Vodka while Australia is all Fosters and Japan Sake. If some of these are starting to make sense, you better enroll in AAA.

9. The world according to America

The world according to America looks something like this. They view the United States as the land of the free and of the brave. Sounds like the national anthem. They view Canada as their backward neighbors, and Russia as the Commies. Mexico looks pretty small and is described as smelly people with big hats.

10. The world according to San Francisco

When San Francisco looks at the world, this is what they see. They look at the whole of the United States as mostly San Francisco and some of Los Angeles. The rest of the country they view as Jesus Land and they see South America as Cocaine country, with Canada being America’s hat.

11. Alternate World Map

This alternate world map clearly shows the typical stereotypes that are linked to different countries in the world.  We wanted to call it a stereotype map, but then we saw America being classified with terms, Freedom, and Jesus, while the whole of South America was tagged with drugs instead of soccer. Australians were named racists, and the map showed the Middle East as a war zone. The map looks like it was made by Americans! A balanced illustration would have the word Obesity written on the American part of the map!

12. The world as we know it

It’s funny the way we see the world. In this world map, we see visually how we think about certain countries in the world. For example, when everything you buy says, “made in China,” maybe you see the country that way. South America is all about coffee and soccer to some people, and do we really see Mexico as a taco?

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