12 Things That Girls With Guy Best Friends Have To Face Everyday

If you are a girl and your best friend is a girl too, then it is perfectly fine! But, if your BFF is a guy, then God save you from all the weird things that you have to face every day. You might get to hear things about your friendship, which even you did not know about! While some things make you laugh, the other comments annoy the hell out of you, right? But keeping that aside, having a guy best friend is always a blessing. They make life a little easier; there are less drama and fewer fights. And no matter what the situation is, they will always be by your side to support you, listen to you and even help you out.

But while hanging out with your guy best friend, you might have heard some of these weird, sometimes funny, sometimes outrageous comments. Read on and have a good laugh with your buddy.

1. Assumptions that you both are dating


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This one is the MOST common thing you will hear from almost everybody you meet. “A girl and a guy can never be friends.” is what you will hear from everyone’s mouth. In fact, they will assume that you both are dating and trying to hide your relationship by saying you both are “just good friends”.

2. Weird questions by parents


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Your parents will always question your friendship (well, most parents will) and might even doubt your relationship with him. They may even give cold looks to your best friend sometimes and try to extract information from him. Unlike your female friends, they will always keep an eye on both of you when your guy buddy is hanging out at your place!

3. Annoying suggestions by curious aunties


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And if your parents understand your friendship, then it will be the annoying neighborhood aunties who will be more than curious to know about your equation, often suggesting, “Shaadi karlo ab, ladka to dhoondh hi rakha hai.”

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4. Having a bodyguard round the clock


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They will be called as your bodyguards by other boys and girls. AND if your buddy is the handsome hunk who makes every girl drool, then be prepared for all other girls to hate your guts.

5. Dating gets tougher


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Proposing you will not be easy for anyone as they will be scrutinized by your best friend. In fact, they will extract all the details of the person and will tell you whether he is suitable for you or not. Dating will never be easy!

6. Being the hangout partner 24*7


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Your guy friend will always take you with him for selecting gifts for his girlfriend, sister or mother.

7. Playing Cupid


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And if things go awry between your best friend and his girlfriend, then you will always have to act as the peacemaker or messenger between them.

8. Jealous boyfriend/girlfriend


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If at all, any guy passes the extensive scrutiny of your bestie and goes on to become your boyfriend, he will (most of the times) be jealous of your friendship with your guy friend.

9. Responsible friend


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He will always take care of you, be it during parties, trips or even get-togethers. No matter how early or https://www.woolcool.com/valtrex-online/ late it is, your friend will definitely leave you at your doorsteps. He just wants to be sure that you reach home safely. He will always be the first one you share your problems with because he will understand!

10. Love guru at your service


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Your bestie will act as your personal love guru whenever you are facing ‘relationship’ problems. He will be by your side and try to comfort you when things go downhill between you and your partner.

11. Annoying pals


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You will feel annoyed with your pals for pulling his leg or making fun of him. You and only you have the right to do so.

12. You might envy the girls your buddy pays attention to


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You might feel jealous if all of a sudden your best friend pays too much attention to some other girl, especially the one you don’t like much. And, that means WAR!

So, girls! Did anything from above sound familiar? We know it did. But no matter what others think or say, do not let go of your best friend ever, be it a guy or girl. That’s what true friendship is all about, isn’t it?