12 Things Only People Who Talks Over-Excessively Would Relate To

Find it really difficult to be quiet? Every time you chit-chat, it gives you an adrenaline rush? If yes, then don’t worry there is nothing wrong with you. It’s just that you love talking & can’t keep your lips still. Where many of us consider talkative people as outgoing, we cover it up by saying ‘jo dherai bolcha, maan ko safa huncha…’

1. You can say 1908760 things in microseconds and it’s the natural way you speak. That is so, fast!


2. You are habitual of taking over the conversations and that to in a very subtle way. “Eh ma k bhandai thiye re…”

3. And then be apologetic about it & then continue again…


4. Only closest of closest friends of yours, pay attention to what you blabber because it’s never-ending.


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5. Everybody else is just trying to be nice to you. But they are unaware that you try to piss them intentionally! *evil laugh*


6. You are a pro at starting & holding on to conversations even with strangers.


7. People get comfortable with you quite easily & feel ‘janma janma ko saath!’


8. Nobody can ever get bored in your company. Not even you, if left alone.


9. You really need to convince people that you can keep secrets!


10. You have nicknames like, Non-stop, Chatterbox, loudspeaker, etc.


11. You can even make your daily routine also sound so interesting that people actually find it entertaining when hear!


12. And you are familiar with people getting mad at you and commenting like, “La aba esko start bhayo!!”

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12 Things Only People Who Talks Over-Excessively Would Relate To

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