12 Things Only Student Who Went To Khwopa College Would Understand

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Khwopa College of Engineering is a community-based college, ran by the Bhaktapur Municipality. The college has been producing professional engineers and architects at affordable fees. However, there are many things that only students who studied at Khwopa College would understand.

1. Prohibited politics

Political activities completely prohibited in college premises. Not a single political activity occur in this college and this is taken as a positive aspect within the college.

2. Peaceful Environment

The college is located about 400 meters from major roadways, no disturbances of any kind. Also, because of prohibited politics the environment of the college remains peaceful most of the time.

3. Well managed

You can take this college as one of the most managed college in whole Nepal.
Notices are timely published on websites and on notice boards placed on several
places within college premises.

4. Worthless strikes

Since numbers of strikes seems to be occurring in our nation, it is
worthless for student studying at Khwopa College of Engineering. College runs
on its normal time even on educational strikes, though some lecturers may not
be able to join the college on time during strikes.

5. Uniform rules

As far as I know, Khwopa College of Engineering is only Engineering college
with uniform. Students requires to be on uniform and well-maintained
personality while being in college premises. Violation of uniform rules may
lead to restriction from college too.

6. Friendly nature

Even with numbers of strict rules and regulations, all staffs are friendly
in nature and makes you feel to be at home. All departments are accessible at
any time (except at breaks), and student can well interact to get benefits.

7. Training

Various training required to proceed to field are given at college during course
of 4 years by the help of department and seniors. All these training is free of
cost which if have to learn on other institutes may have to pay huge amount.

8. Adequate infrastructure

With 6 buildings and numbers of laboratories, Khwopa College of Engineering
has properly managed required infrastructure. Bus service is also available for
students studying here from far places.

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9. Research oriented

The college is oriented towards research. Students are allowed with funding
for research purpose. Numbers of students have stepped towards research at
early age due to friendly nature of Khwopa College of Engineering.

10. Importance of attendance

Only a true student of Khwopa College of Engineering knows value of
attendance. The attendance is directly linked with final internal marks of the
student and plays a vital role on increasing or decreasing the internal marks.
Beside attendance, class performance, assignments submissions and others also play
major role on the final marks.

11. Internships

Since politic is prohibited in the college premises, students can rarely
develop a good link for internships after completion of bachelor. College has
link to numbers of companies and firms from where the students are given paid

12. Terror of NQ

Not Qualified (NQ) is a nightmare of most of students studying at Khwopa
College of Engineering. If NQ is provided to any student, s/he cannot be
enrolled in final examination. even if they appear the exam, their results are
not published. Class performance and assessments marks are the cause of NQ.

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