12 Things Growing Up Girls Need to Know To Become A Strong Woman

The world has grown up to some extent in every sector today. And so does Women. They are now equally participating in everything, be it leadership roles, being empowered and breaking the so-called stereotypes.

But there are still some people in some areas of the world where women are being exploited and mistreated. They still don’t have equal rights. They still fight with misogyny and sexism. In most areas, girls are raised with a definite idea for being a woman, as there has been so far.

This can only be changed if girls are given the life lessons that help them to become strong women. Here are certain things girls should be taught so that they can become strong and independent women. Here are 12 important things every growing up girl must know to turn into a Strong Woman when they are grown up. Take a look:

1. Have Your Own Identity

Every girl has her own identity. You are not put on this earth just to be someone’s daughter, sister, wife or mother. You should take care of yourself too. You should keep yourself as a priority.

2. You Have Right To Choose

You have the right to wear anything. You can wear the dress you want to, whether it is Western or Eastern, not the way society wants you to wear. Your dress doesn’t define your character.

3. You Can Say NO

Girls have a full right to say NO in the situations where they want to say NO, in relationships, Jobs or anything else. So you can say no in the situations you want to. You can say “No” where you feel uncomfortable.

4. You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are

People can’t value you on your shape and size. Your shape and size don’t make you worthy. Be proud of yourself.

5. It Doesn’t Matter What The World Says

What world tells you doesn’t define you. You can be anything that you wish to be. This world has nothing to do with you and your growth. What matters is, only you.

6. Girls Must Always Respect a Girl

You should respect other girls. Disrespecting and mistreating other girls won’t empower you. Hence, you must never use the phrase “I’m not like other girls “.You should lift others and treat them nicely.

7. You Can Be Anywhere

You can occupy any space you want. The public place is not only for the male but equally for you too. Girls have got all equal rights.

8. Let the Periods Don’t Embarrass You

Periods are natural, they are nothing to feel shame and embarrassed about. You should not feel less and weak. Be proud of bleeding red.

9. Be Proud Of Yourself and Family

There is so much more in life. Your pride in the family is not between your legs.

10. Don’t Be Judged By Anyone

Everybody must stop judging them for the way they live their life. It’s their life and they can have their own rules. No one is living your life, so no one else is allowed to give you their advice and opinions.

11. Don’t Have Harassing Relations

You should not bear mistreatment and harassment in the name of relations. You should have enough self-respect to walk away from the things that are not for you. You should have enough courage to raise your voice. Stay Strong.

12. Be Proud to be a Girl

You are a girl and you should be proud of that. Being a girl is not a weakness, make it your strength.

So these are the things every girl needs to know to become independent, strong and a proud woman.