14 Most Beautiful Nepalese Women In The World

In Nepal with its population of about twenty million people there are more than a hundred nationalities. Despite the fact that Nepal is dominated by only two main types of physical appearance – Mongoloid and Indian – the Nepalese women are quite different: dark-skinned, fair-skinned, with slanting eyes, with European eyes, with rough chopped features, with subtle and expressive features, etc.

The Nepalese women often present desires for enlightenment and self-improvement. It should be also noted, that they don’t aspire for material things at all. As a result, they have an ability to live within the present moment with no fuss and to perceive the reality in its entirety in the most comprehensive way.

Niti Shah


Samragyee RL Shah

Oshin Sitaula


Priyanka Karki

Akesha Bista

Sneh Rana

Shristi Shrestha


Neelam Chand

Aditi Budhathoki

Ashlesha Rana

Sushma Karki

Anjana Das

Prakriti Shrestha

Barsha Raut

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