14 Most Beautiful Saudi Arabian Women In The World

Saudi Arabia is not only a very strict country but also a very traditional one. Equally important to mention is its law against women freedom. The law allowing Saudi Arabian women to drive in the country was passed on September 2017.

With this intention and invariable traditions and customs of the country, the women of Saudi Arabia hide their appearance from public eyes, only parents (during childhood) or the husband (after marriage) can appreciate their beauty. They are very feminine and they will not leave their homes unless suitably dressed.

The women from Saudi Arabia are often perceived as princesses coming out of glorious palaces. Noticeably,  Saudi women are stammeringly beautiful, with their usually tanned skin, dark hair and smoky eyes. Women are seen only wearing dark-colored dress. Abaya, a traditional dress, completely hides the feminine beauty, from head to toe.

Abaya is only allowed to be black in color, any other variation is strictly prohibited. Certainly, the attire can sometimes be decorated with embroider designs or feature patterns on their sleeves. Then again, such stringent dress code makes men more inquisitive in mystery.

Consequently, you seldom come across photos of Saudi women on glossy magazines showcasing their beauty. It’s not every day that you get to read about Saudi women without any prejudices. In spite of stories covering their position in society and how they are neglected of human rights – and that’s accurate to some extent. Why do we rarely get to read about Saudi women in a positive light?

So today let’s just talk about the distinguished and attractive Saudi women and celebrate them for being who they are and their talents.

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Reem Abdullah

Ameerah Al-Taweel

Nermin Mohsen

Razan Alazzouni


Nadine Al-Budair

Suha Nuwailati

Aseel Omran

Wardah Khan

Lojain Omran

Heba Jamal

Suha Nowailaty

Muna AbuSulayman

Hanan Baker Younis

Arwa Gouda

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