14 Female Teachers Arrested For Sex Scandals With Their Students

The rarity of hot teacher-student sex scandals makes up exhilarating news. It requires many factors to fall into the right place in order for one of the uncommonness to go happen. It’s very much relatable to beating that final level of Tetris when the game needs you to put the pieces in an insanely fast-moving stage. And, everyone knows only geniuses can beat that level.

To put things into perspective, first, think back to all of your teachers. Were any of them actually hot? Most likely you are answering no with possibly a few maybes in the bunch. That’s the first piece of the puzzle that needs to fall into place. To get a hot teacher is no easy feat. Most of them are over the hill or nothing spectacular to look at.

Next, the student needs to have sexually matured enough to sleep with the teacher. A lot of kids in high school love to talk about sex but actually having it is a different story. Sure, most kids lose their virginities in high school, but it’s with their peers, not an older, experienced woman.

In result, in order for this to happen a sexy teacher, a curious student and the perfect situation for them to express their feelings need to be in place. That’s exactly what this article is all about. The perfect storm is a hot teacher-student sex scandal.

Lisa Glide

At the time of her arrest, she was 35 years old. Almost double the age of the “victim.” Her and the 17-yr-old boy had a four-month-long sexual relationship. Like most others, she pleaded guilty and faced up to 364 days in the slammer. She was also given up to 5 years probation and never allowed to teach again.

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Cara Dickey

In June of 2008, 29-year-old Cara Dickey is arguably the craziest person on this list, was let go from her teaching position after school officials somehow discovered “romantic” texts between Dickey and a 14-year-old male student. They disappeared together later on in the day, after the texts, but were found the next morning. Dickey was found sleeping in her car and the boy was found in a local mall, probably celebrating, right?

Debra Lafave

Her crime was committed while teaching at Angelo L. Greco Middle School in Temple Terrace, Florida. Unlike some other teachers, who had sex with boys of borderline legal age, Lafave got involved with a 14-yr-old boy. Everyone can agree, this is a real crime. A boy of that age is not ready to make sexual decisions.

Pamela Rogers Turner


If you thought Lafave liked young boys, Turner liked them even younger. She was busted for repeatedly having sex with a 13-yr-old boy. It was only fitting, that one of the places they had sex was the school gym. Imagine how awkward gym class must have been after her bust! The other boys must have been super jealous of the boy she chose.

Sarah Jones

The case of Sarah Jones is easily one of the most interesting on the list. She was not only a sexy teacher, but she was also a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals as well. Most young men would say the kid who got her hit a grand slam. It’s not only every boy’s fantasy to bag a hot teacher but a professional football cheerleader too! Talk about checking two items off your bucket list at a young age.

Stephanie Ragusa

She was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Ragusa was a math teacher in Tampa and pleaded guilty to three counts of lewd and lascivious “battery” of a 14-year-old boy and two counts of unlawful sex with a 16-year-old male student. At her hearing, Ragusa was sporting cornrows.

Hope Jacoby

She was caught after her picture was found on the boy’s phone. Although she was only caught with one boy, authorities thought there may have been more involved. She liked them between the ages of 14 and 17. At the time of her arrest, she was 23 years old. Her relationship with the boy reportedly went on for one year. The sexual activities between the two happened in several locations including her car and home.

Carrie McCandless

Amy McElhenney

During her time at Hebron, she decided to engage in some sexy time with an 18-yr-old student. Lucky for her, in this case, the boy was of legal age. The grand jury in Texas refused to issue an indictment which meant no jail time for Amy. If he had been younger or the jury was harder on her, she could have faced 20 years of jail time.

Heather Daughdrill

She not only had sex with a 13-year-old boy, but she also met him at summer Bible camp! She was even sneaky enough to pick the boy up after school without his parents’ knowledge. This action alone made her face a kidnapping charge. That in itself is a very serious criminal charge.

Michelle Preston

She first came under fire and was literally fired when naked pictures of her were discovered making their rounds within the high school. Reportedly the photos showed off her “flexibility.” After she was fired, she thought it was a good idea to reach out to 3 of her former male students on Facebook. These interactions lead to her having sex with all 3 students a whopping 15 times! The police later found the boys’ DNA on her couch cushions. This story is better than anything they come up with on TV.

Teresa Engelbach

Teresa Engelbach was arrested in November of 2007 after charges that she had sexual intercourse in multiple locations over a two month period with a 14-year-old student, who was also a friend of her brother. According to authorities, she also bought the boy various gifts, including a cell phone, items of clothing, and a paintball gun worth $750.

Lindsay Massaro

During her time as a teacher, she worked at the Frankford Elementary School. This was the perfect place for her to lure in a young boy. The boy she chose was only 15 years of age. She was arrested for second-degree sexual assault. She was accused and pleaded guilty to having sex with the boy once in her car and then once in her Frankford home. The police found out about the sex after the boy’s father alerted them.

Cameo Patch

Cameo Patch was arrested for having oral sex with her 17-year-old male student. The 29-year-old high school substitute teacher was arrested in January 2006 after the police heard that Patch had gone on a date with a 17-year-old student and performed oral sex on the boy after one date.


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