14 Magical Jewelry From The Popular TV Series ‘Game Of Thrones’

Murder, dragons, butts and boobs aside, one of the best reasons to watch Game of Thrones is to get an eloquent fashion and jewelry pieces. From Cersei’s lion medallion to Sansa Stark’s plethora of stylish necklaces, the show is a treasure trove of accessories.

1. This House Martell sun and spear necklace.


2. This dope dragon ear cuff.


3. The Cersei Lannister lion pendant necklace.


4. A Sansa Stark-inspired opal necklace.


5. A double-claw Khaleesi necklace.


6. A House Stark Direwolf ring.


7. A Hand of the Kingpin brooch.


8. A pendant featuring a map of Westeros.


9. Yet another awesome Sansa Stark necklace.


10. Separate House Martell sun and spear necklaces.


11. A dragonfly Sansa Stark necklace.


12. A black onyx butterfly necklace inspired by Sansa Stark.


13. A House of Greyjoy crest necklace.


14. Jon Snow’s Longclaw sword necklace.


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14 Magical Jewelry From The Popular TV Series 'Game Of Thrones'

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