14 Things You Face If You’re A Girl Studying Mechanical Engineering

Fashion is for girls and engineering is for boys. A common division of work as perceived by society. Furthermore, mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering mostly dominated by boys, you will hardly find girls taking up mechanical engineering. However, for the rare ones who take up this course, striding through the waves of lunacy, constantly existing around, is really a task.

1. You enter the class and all the guys go Shhh…


That’s a reaction all throughout the course.

2. That’s a reaction all throughout the course


OMG, a girl in our class, the year ahead certainly will drift easily.

3. Even your professors want to know why you joined the course


Does that really matter? After all, the subject sounds interesting to me!

4. Everyone’s finding an opportunity to help you


Oh, you have doubts about this question? Let me solve it for you.

5. And you are considered the most intelligent of the lot


Bunking and You?

6. Everyone stares at you when you sit on the last bench


What? A girl on the back bench?

7. And, you are a well-known personality in the whole college


Ahh, she is the one!

8. You think twice before attending the fresher’s party


You never had so many people staring at you.

9. Almost every single guy in the class has asked you out for a date


The nerds too have dared to do so.

10. Your roommates are the only girls you know


Fortunately, you eventually start knowing their friends too.

11. You gradually become the teacher’s favorite too


You are handled with special care.

12. Since you are a minority, you feel nervous about talking to boys


Eye-to-eye contact while talking is a must!

13. No more proxy attendance


Another ‘Being Single’ issue.

14. You have 12 plus boys falling in love with you at the same time


Who should I love? Whom should I choose?

Well, come what may, you have got yourself admitted in the college, and engineering is your passion. So be it!


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