15 Awesome Things You Get To Experience When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

Only a girl who has grown up with an elder or younger sister can tell you how blessed you feel to have the privilege of growing up with one. Not only is she your guide, your mentor and your best friend, but she also is like a protective second mother. She is your partner-in-crime, someone you trust with all your heart and no matter how much or often the two of you fight, you still thank God and your parents secretly for giving you your sister.

And, even though having a brother is fun, there are some wonderful things you can experience only if you have a loving sister who also happens to be your best friend. So, here is a list of all those awesome things.

1. You never need to worry about getting caught by mom and dad because she will save you and get you out of any situation


She always has a plan to save you irrespective of the fact that she too is mad at you, but will scold you later.

2. If you are the same size and build, you get a double wardrobe


Double the clothes, double the shoes, double the accessories, double everything!! Oh wait, did we forget double the makeup?

3. You have double the friends in real and on social media


Because you two are not only close to each other but are super pals with each other’s friend circles too. So, her friends equal to more friend requests for you, and vice versa.

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4. You genuinely learn out of each other’s mistakes


And help each other not to repeat any of them.

5. You get to go to more parties


Because you are so close to her friends and she is with yours too. So, you get invited to each other’s social gatherings and events too.

6. You have a personal anger vent


You can shout your guts out on her when you are upset and know that she will not get angry because she knows you the best and understands that it is the stress that is screaming and not you.

7. You have a picture partner always


At home, on the bus, in the park, while having food, while sleeping, at parties, you name it, and there she is by your side to get a picture clicked. Say cheese!

8. You have at least one person on the planet besides your parents who don’t judge you


You can be who you are, talk the way you want, walk the way you feel, eat the way you feel and everything else – YOUR WAY without having to worry what she will think. She loves you for who you are!

9. You have a shoulder to cry on even at 4 AM in the morning


And, a lot of people are not that lucky to be blessed with that kind of companionship, you however are!

10. You always have someone to talk to about the most personal stuff


Boys, dates, crushes, girl talk and just about everything under the sun that is super-secret, you can discuss with her!

11. You get to share each other’s achievements and brag about them too


She is YOUR sister, so naturally, her achievements are YOURS too, right? Facebook, Twitter, Viber, etc., you can brag all that you want!

12. You have the most awesome and pampered time in school when your elder sister studies in the same one as yours


Because not only is she protective of you, but all her friends watch out for you too! So, you live a majjako life until she passes out.

13. You have the perfect role model


She lets you learn from her mistakes, she helps you shop, she teaches you to apply makeup, she is your shopping and gossip buddy, and she is the one person you want to be like when you grow up; your perfect role model!

14. She will help and guide you through your ‘guy’ problems


You cannot trust everyone with your guy problems, but you are certain that she will always give you the right advice and help you out with your first crush, your feelings towards your crush, heartbreaks and all of that.

15. She will always keep your secrets safe no matter what


And, even if she is forced to speak out your secrets at gunpoint, you know she would happily take a bullet over opening her mouth. That is the kind of trust and commitment that both of you have for one another.

And apart from these, there are a million little things you feel happy about when you have the best sister in the world. So, if you know what we mean and you have one yourself, tag her here and add in your lucky points in the comments section below!