15 Most Beautiful Lithuanian Women In The World

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Apart from being a spectacular
tourist destination, Lithuania can be so very gratified of their beautiful female
population. Welcome to the land of the blondes! The
first thing anyone would notice is that Lithuanian women are extremely
good-looking and modern in the way they carry themselves. Tall, blonde hair, blue
eyes, pale and flawless skin are common
among Lithuanian women.

When you meet a
Lithuanian woman, you can instantly feel she’s a deep-thinker and serene. She
is never impulsive, her actions are carefully
calculative. They are sincere and extremely polite. Another atypical of
Lithuanian women is their long hair that reaches down below the waist. This
perfectly gives out the vibes of a princessly look that you would imagine in a fairytale

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Simona Starkute

Katya Virshilas

Rasa Vereniute

Egle Standtaite

Agniya Ditkovskite

Juste Juozapaityte

Agne Motiejunaite

Edita Vilkeviciute

Ruta Elzbieta Mazureviciute

Auguste Abeliunaite

Svetlana Lazareva

Kristina Tuckute

Jandra Dziaugyte

Egle Straleckaite

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34 shares, 89 points