September 21, 2020

21 Hottest Weather Girls On The Planet Raising The Temperature

Remember the days when TV weather reports were delivered by fat male meteorologists? Thankfully, we don’t either. Luckily for us, these days we have some of the most beautiful female meteorologists giving you the updated weather forecast.

You might want to have a water bottle ready because these gorgeous weather girls are forecasting a heatwave! We’ve found some of the most beautiful and talented meteorologists, weather anchors, and broadcast reporters from all over the world.

Magda Palimariu – ProTV (Romania)

Ximena Cordoba – Univision (Miami, Florida)

Sonya Hill – KZTV (Corpus Christi, Texas)

Jackie Johnson – CBS (Los Angeles, California)

Vania Manzano – Azteca TV (Mexico)

Sian Welby – Channel 5 (UK)

Leticia Castro – KXTV (Sacramento, California)

Sandra Ryncarz – Telewizja Superstacja (Poland)

Carolina Ramirez Ayala – Univision (Miami, Florida)

Lluvia Carrillo – Televisa (Mexico)

Janice Villagran – Estrella TV (Los Angeles, California)

Mayte Carranco – Televisa (Mexico)

Yanet Garcia – Televisa (Mexico)

Evelyn Taft – KCAL (Los Angeles, California)

Kim Kardashian Got A Body Double And The World Can’t Handle The Parallels

Jackie Guerrido – Univision (Miami, Florida)

Araksya Karaptyan – KTTV (Los Angeles, California)

Cristina Blackwell – Univision (Miami, Florida)

Chita Craft – KHOU 11 (Houston, Texas)

Sheena Parveen – NBC 10 (Philadelphia)

Naile Lopez – Televisa San Angel (Mexico)

Susana Almeida – Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico)

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