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15 Interesting Facts On The Average Looking Internet Icon ‘Just Sul’

Comedy has always been the forefront for why people visit the internet until their eyes go weak. And over the past few years, Indian comedians have been adding a whole new flavor of off-color, below the belt, off-beat humor that draws crowds, especially teens and adults. Just Sul is one such comedian whose jokes deserve a special mention.

Just Sul currently has 3.6 Million followers on Instagram with only 260 posts. His Facebook fan following is also more than 1.5 million and has 38.7 million loops on Vines.

So what all unknown stuff do we know about him so far. Check it out.

1. He hails from Mumbai but has enjoyed staying in the United Arab Emirates ever since he shot to online stardom.

2. His most preferred websites are Vine and Instagram. One of his first videos ‘When the waiter comes with your food’ earned over 14 million views on Vine.

3. Born on the 1st of June, 1973, Just Sul went through the same cycle as an average Indian. He worked as a mechanical engineer before his online career.

4. One of his most popular vines ‘Watch me Whip/Nae Nae’ crossed the 2 million mark in less than six months.

5. Even frequent users Snoop Dogg, Akon, Ludacris, and Waka Flocka Flame, have shared and recognized his work. All sarcastic surely.

6. He uses the hashtag #50ShadesofBrown on Twitter and is known for incorporating hip-hop and rap songs in less than affectionate parodies.

7. His internet antics have even earned him a featured spot in XXL magazine which is American hip-hop daily. Again out of sarcasm possibly.

8. His most famous parodies remain impersonations of Kanye West, The Weekend and a multitude of pop culture figures all with Indian masala.

9. The man behind his success is Just Said (original name Said Ahmad ), a Lebanese-Belgian comedian from Dubai.

10. Just Sul moved to Lusaka, Zambia for his engineering post, working for about seventeen years for his Father’s friend.

11. Despite his massive online NRI following, he continues to work in his engineering company.

12. He’s been invited to many radio stations to share his beautiful words in the Middle East and India.

13. He’s a free spirit who openly responds to tweets and posts from other celebrities all wrapped in a joke.

14. He’s been the star guest of some hilarity ensued interviews, some mockingly funny and others too hard to resist.

15. Even with so many fans and followers, his full actual name remains a mystery for most.

If you find him interesting, you can follow him on Instagram using this link or you can like his Official Facebook page here

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15 Interesting Facts On The Average Looking Internet Icon 'Just Sul'

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