15 Jennifer Lawrence Quotes That Show She’s Full Of ‘Quirk And Sass’

Jennifer Lawrence is by far the coolest Hollywood celebrity we know. From tripping the walk at Oscars (while winning one for Silver Lining Playbook) to putting a strong face after someone leaked her nudes online, Jennifer is a 26-year-old youth icon, we admire!

Like that wasn’t enough, the ‘Hunger Games’ actress is the youngest to accrue four Academy Award nominations and is easily the highest-paid actress in the industry.

And if you’re not in the know, the diva is also very vocal about her feelings. Here’s a list of quotes by Jennifer that can vouch for the aforementioned.

1. That’s the pep talk we need!

2. The prettiest monkey, I would say!

3. You bet, sista!


5. Pass it on, will ya?

6. Not the one to quit!

7. Flip the switch!

8. I’m still a teenager then!

9. Embrace your imperfections

10. Goals!

11. Celebrities are just like us!


13. Grounded as a stone. A precious one!

14. No wonder she is so versatile!

15. Delicate darling!

TBH, she is by far the most honest and humble celeb we’ve seen. Stay the beautiful person you are, Jen. Always!