15 Secrets That Will Make You Laugh So Hard That Your Insides Hurt!

Secrets – unfairly – always have had a bad name. If you have them, people almost always assume it is a dark one. Some secrets, however, can be funny. So funny that it will make you laugh out loud.
Wondering how are these secrets getting published on the Internet without any consequences?

It is all thanks to this platform called ‘Whisper’. The app is also available on Android and iOS devices. It lets users share their secrets or whisper them out anonymously by typing out texts on superimposed images.

The secrets on this platform will move you to tears, surprise you or even make you laugh.

The people behind the following secrets either have the most happening life or the most awkward existence. Here is a specially curated list of secrets that will make you a giggle monster.

1. Someone is surely spicing up their life, literally.

secrets funny whisper

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2. When you grow up but your face is still in the Peter Pan phase. #BabyFaceStruggles

3. Lesson: Don’t teach your kids useful life lessons.NEVER.

4. These people shall never pass the gates of heaven or hell. They deserve limbo.

5. I can already tell, this kid is going to grow up to be a badass ninja.

6. This person got really ambitious the one time he got high.

7. Because managers are humans too and they too can hate people.

8. Basically, what every Monday feels like!

9. This person is dancing in a web entirely made up of lies.

10. Guess everyone’s secret is out?

11. Well… this kid is a template for a psychopath.

12. Another person who got caught badly in his own lie.

13. Some parents maybe shouldn’t be, Parents. Just saying.

14. I like this kid already. Can I adopt her, please?

15. This kid had enough guts to say what most elder siblings are afraid to say.