15 Unbelievable Transformation Of Nepalese Aunties After Trip From Abroad

If you look into today’s Nepalese society, you are most likely to find almost every families has one member living abroad, the UK, the USA, Australia and the likes. Therefore, it is no longer esteemed as it was a decade earlier. Due to their children residing abroad, it has become common place for their parents to visit their children in the land faraway.

After such trip, Nepalese aunties tend to develop self-transformation in terms of living style, some good, some far-fetched. Here are 15 of such mind-boggling aunties’alteration to lifestyle that will tickle your funny bone.

1. She regularly flaunts dollar bills, and is constantly asking about the exchange rate.


2. Wearing her brand-named Sunglasses is mandatory, no matter day or night.


3. Extremely weight conscious but eats whatever comes her way.


4. Offers free of cost recommendations on beauty and skincare.


5. Regardless of her figure, she would get on trendy fashion wears.


6. English speaking is a must, even though she herself understands very little of what she’s uttering.


7. ‘Maxi’ is forbidden now, instead she has night gown with continuous “Mero Chora/Chori le gift Amrika jada”.


8. Advises her local “Kirana pasal” to sale chicken, reminiscing her trip to local grocery at Sydney.


9. After her lifetime of buying veggies from roadside shop, she suddenly goes to Bhatbhateni for fruits and vegetables.


10. If it’s not on Facebook, it never happened. She will post everything and anything on Facebook.


11. She criticizes about Nepal Airlines, comparing it with her 17 hours flight to Dallas, Texas.


12. If she saw you using mobile phone, she will promptly ask you, “Kun phone ho? mero ta iPhone 6 ho!


13. Eating Street Food is a big NO whilst in Nepal.


14. Her pronunciation of even simple words gets English tone. “Ekdummai Ish-tyle ma”


15. She won’t miss the opportunity to shoot videos of you during together and post it on Facebook.