16 Binge-Worthy Indian Web Series That Every Girl Should Watch

Web series have become part of our lives. They are more convenient than watching shows on TV, amidst the long commercials. Simply put, a web series is just a collection of video episodes published over time in specific series to tell a story.

Viewers like for a multitude of reasons as they can be watched on their phone, TV, or tablets, and anytime. Webisodes, as they are popularly called are more conceptual and engaging. Indian web series is gaining popularity amongst the masses. With the widespread use of YouTube, Netflix, Voot, Zee5, and other online platforms, viewers are indulged into web series.

Web series have become a resourceful medium for directors, actors, and writers to convey their unconventional thoughts to the public. If similar content is to be portrayed in a movie, they will have to go hassling through censor boards and the likes. A certain modification will be made to their ideas and it won’t convey the message they had to intend at its inception.

Tons of web series are available on the internet. Some are free to watch, while others may require a subscription. Nevertheless, here are some of the binge-worthy Indian web series that every girl should watch at least once.

The Trip

Ever been to Thailand? This Indian web series is all about a trip to Thailand. Four friends decide to visit Thailand. And this show is all about that crazy trip. The series will certainly make you experience friendship, adventure, and love in the most dramatic way.

The Girl in the City

Mumbai is a city where dreams are made. Similarly, the lead character, Meera, comes to Mumbai with an aspiration of being a stylist. This series sheds light on her struggles. It is well scripted with a fun storyline that will keep you entertained.  

Ladies Room

A raunchy story of two best friends in six different bathrooms. The mental quest of overcoming struggles is what makes this series a must-watch. Unapologetic, mad, and badly describes their characters perfectly.


Your love for your siblings will never change. No matter the age difference we love them unconditionally. This series by TVF is a story about three siblings who have their fights and struggles.


Three girls who moved to a new city in pursuit of their happiness. Discover friendship and emotions they go through in this new life is what this series is all about.


After living 4 years in LA, a fashion crazy girl moves back to Mumbai. Her extraordinary life unfolds in this web series by Blush.

It’s Not That Simple

This web series on Voot shows complication, perfect and imperfect match. The burden of being married which curtails into struggles and fights. It’s not that simple after all.


Who are we in reality? The world is becoming more of what others perceive us rather than what we think of ourselves. Untag attempts to answer this question.

Star Boyz

It is a sci-fi comedy that follows underwhelming adventures of three South Indian boys in space. The series delivers very relatable content with tremendous hilarity.

Permanent Roommates

One of the most-watched web series from TVF. This series revolves around a young couple who are in a long-distance relationship. Things change when they decide to get married.

Bang Baaja Baaraat

Lead characters Pawan and Shahana’s wedding ceremony is not less than a rollercoaster ride. Watch this series for unexpected twists when families from different cultures meet in this ceremony.

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Man’s World

Kiran is annoyed by the way society favors one gender over another. Fed up, he prays for the world to flip and for men and women to interchange places. The concept is interesting, innovative and very well directed.

Virgin Woman Diaries

Being a married woman is one hell of a ride! And being a virgin whole lot difficult in today’s society. Through this web series, Kabir addresses the issue of how society judges a woman who has an independent mind and the problem she goes through when she decides to get married to her boyfriend. It’s not just hilarious, it hits at the right place.

Shaadi Boys

Want to see what’s behind an Indian wedding? If you going to get married soon then this web series for you. This web series has love, drama, sex, music, and dance in its full extravagant way.


This web series plots crime investigation. The series revolves around the story of a relationship between Sam, a genius app developer, and a woman. Only, the woman is the first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant.

Little Things

Love does not have to be about grand gestures. Watching Dhruv and Kavya is like watching every urban couple out there. Their quarrels are bitterly sweet. It brings focus on small but significant things in a relationship.

So, which one of the web series are you starting with?

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16 Binge-Worthy Indian Web Series That Every Girl Should Watch

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