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16 Food Struggles Only Nepali Hosteller Could Understand

If you stayed in a hostel during your school or college days, chances are you must have some of the most memorable moments there. Staying in a Nepali hostel might have turned you into a master chef or taught you survival skills that others cant get the grasp of.

When it comes to hostels, food is definitely the least memorable. Here are some common food struggles that ever hosteller must have withstood during their stay.

1. Coffee or tea person

You either become a coffee or a tea person, sipping countless cups every day. Apparently, it is what helps you keep everything together (i.e. stopping you from turning insane).

2. Hostel food, yuck!

You despise your hostel’s food a little more with every passing day. There is no other way to put it.

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3. The food committee

You keep insisting on the “food committee” and the mess in-charge includes more delicious meals on the menu.

4. Call for carb

But nothing really seems to work and you hit the canteen or your favorite café to eat some extra carbs.

5. Food struggles plus no money

And making those constant rounds to that cafe leaves you broke by the middle of the month.

6. Survival

You learn to survive with the hostel food for the rest of the month.

7. The Wai Wai nation

To you, Wai Wai is more than just-food. It is your lifeline. You know you can’t survive without Wai Wai and you owe to Wai Wai everything. Everything.

8. No other alternatives, whatsoever

Though you have tried all the other alternatives to Wai Wai by now (from Cheese Balls to cup noodles), but nothing really comes close to it. Nothing compares to Wai Wai.

9. Birthday treats

You wait for a friend’s birthday just to get that awaited treat!

10. That sacred meal

Every holiday comes with a promise of a ‘luxury’ meal at your hostel mess, which makes you realize that the hostel chef can actually cook well once in a while.

11. Munchies are magical

Biscuits, chips, and other snacks are more than just munchies to you.

12. Day scholars to the rescue

You rely on your day-scholar friends to bring some tasty home-cooked meal for you every now and then.

13. Food alert!

Whenever your roommate comes back from their home, you check their belongings just to see how many food items they have brought.

14. Hiding food is a basic instinct

You constantly try to hide your food from other scavenger friends of yours.

15. Chocolates

Chocolate is a luxury that can change your mood in a heartbeat. You can smell it from a distance and can do anything to get ‘one more bite’ of it (knowing that a ‘bite’ is such a subjective quantity).

16. Craving for homecooked food

Nothing compares to homemade dal bhat tarkari. Sooner or later you realize this and desperately wait for the holidays. You can’t wait to go back home and feed yourself with all the home-cooked masu. 

No matter how much you try to survive on your own, but the food is something that connects every hosteller together. After all, the best of your memories are made while cooking a midnight Wai Wai or fighting over the last slice of pizza with your roommates.

These are not just food-struggles. They are memories in the making.

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16 Food Struggles Only Nepali Hosteller Could Understand

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