16 Good Enough Reasons Why You Should ‘Never Ever’ Visit Thailand!

People love Thailand for numerous reasons, for its climate, its spellbinding beauty, their cuisines, and many more good reasons. Many popular movies too have been shot in the beautiful backdrop of this country.

People from all over the world want to visit this place at least once, be it on their honeymoon, or for their bachelors’ parties. Still, these few reasons which will force you into believing that it is the worst destination ever. Let’s have a look at these 16 reasons.

1. Even the ladyboy looks pretty!


Guys this place is a trap for you. Be careful who you give your heart to.

2. It is a paradise for seafood lovers.


What about vegans? Well, you can ask the waiter for veggie and of course, you can simply ignore the fresh, awesome fruits This country offers a huge diversity of seafood, which you will get at every nook and corner. Vegetarians, you better get your meals packed before you visit Thailand.

3. The transport system is ludicrously odd.


Who wants to see and ride something different and every trip from one street to another is an adventure.

4. The adventure sports are limitless.


Why take the risk with lots and lots of choice in adventure sports that can kill you or give you adrenaline rush… nobody has died suddenly while walking

5. The climate is too extreme to handle.


Who wants an all year warm tropical sunny blue sky white sand kinda whether. The amazing white sand Thai beaches will disappoint you whenever you visit another beach later.

6. The beaches here will disappoint you to such an extent that you’ll never want to visit any other beach ever.


7. There is no nightlife in any city of this country, NOT.


Life is slow, drab and melancholy. You won’t see a single person out on the streets post at 8 pm. Even the lights go down at that hour and all you see is pitch dark everywhere.

8. The trip is an extremely expensive affair.


You’ll go broke if you plan a vacation to Bangkok, let alone going to places like Phi Phi and Phuket.

9. People are so fed up with their lives there that they need massages.


The country is fraught with Salons and Spa Parlors.

10. Also, people aren’t good at their jobs.


Humans are not hired to give you massages.

11. You should have a clean past record to visit this place.


This nation boasts of hundreds and thousands of temples and statues which will leave you spellbound.

12. The buildings are very old.


Most of the buildings will leave you stunned as they are over 150 years old and still intact, with outstanding architecture.

13. Accommodation is totally macabre.


The rooms and the view in the hotels are shockingly repellent. You might want to spend the night on the streets instead.

14. Don’t plan your trip in April, in the festive days of Songkran.


People hate celebrating festivals there. Everybody loves their monotonous and black and white work life.

15. This place is surely not meant for backpackers.


For the love of traveling, give Thailand a pass; for it is in close proximity to other pristine islands like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore. It is also quite near to countries like India, Bangladesh, etc.

16. The locals are over-friendly.


If you ever find yourself stuck in Thailand, the locals are so friendly that they will help you. They can even assist you even if you don’t know their language.
Don’t forget to share the spellbinding beauty of Thailand with everybody you know. Do comment on how do you feel about this place and if you would want to plan a vacation there.

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16 Good Enough Reasons Why You Should 'Never Ever' Visit Thailand!

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