October 29, 2020

16 Illustrations Showing It’s Possible To Be Single And Still Be Happy

Being in a relationship is incredible. But being single also has its own perks. You can be whatever you feel like and there are no restrictions on your behavior.

You can go on a trip without having the consent of your partner and you can eat, sleep anytime you want. Our friends at Yaoyao Ma Van As has come up with such intriguing illustrations that depict how awesome it is to be single!

1. You get the mornings to yourself

2. To do the things you enjoy doing in your own space

3. You get to meditate without any distractions

4. And continue to enjoy your morning the way you like it

5. While making a mess while cooking because hey, how does it matter!

6. Not just in the kitchen, but anywhere and everywhere (with your hair!)

7. Well, because even eating has no rules

8. Neither does work when you make your own rules

This Illustrator Knows How To Play The Strings Of Life In A Beautiful Way

9. And then work never seems like a chore

10. Wearing what you want, when you want—it’s always your choice

11. You get to dance at the oddest of hours

12. And clean the house in your own style

13. Literally, you get to rock out your way all the time!

14. ‘Me’ time is only about you and no one else!

15. Escaping reality in the comfort of your own abode

16. Because you just don’t care!


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