17 Most Beautiful Chinese Women In The World

China has the biggest population in the world and it has been so since times immemorial, with India following closely at their heels. With a population as big as China’s, people there are bound to be beautiful!

Chinese women are often known by their attractive traits such as huge, cute, piercing eyes, flawless, glowing skin, almost always straight and flowing hair, and a fit body to complement it all.

They truly are one of a kind! So we’ve rounded up some of these charming and hot Chinese girls to be your eye-candies. Some of them are models, movie, TV and theater actresses, singers and others who have turned producers directors and the likes.

Yang Mi

Ma Yanli

Gao Yuanyuan

Chrissie Chau

Liu Yifei

Cecilia Cheung

Bianca Bai

Zhao Wei


Meng Jia

Yuan Quan

Jiang Qinqin

Fan Bingbing

Lynn Hung

Zhang Yuqi

Zhang Xinyu

Wang Likun

Qing Jia

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