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17 Important Life Questions That Must Answered Right Now

This is an important post. It needs your attention. I need your help figuring things out. Okay? Let’s get started, these are simple questions that might just help cure cancer and solve the world’s energy problems.

1. But what happens when your left eye looks at your right eye???

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2. Got peer pressured into not being peer pressured


4. And we love them

5. Iewww

6. Grandma Tracy

7. Well, if you put it that way I agree

8. Okay, that’s really a nice one


9. You have a skeleton inside of you

10. Sleeping is weird

11. This hurts my brain

12. Boner on your face LOL

13. We will never know ?

14. We are basically buying liquid explosive dinosaurs

15. I hate talking about mirrors because of this

16. The shit we all do like

17. We just get used to the pain

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