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17 Photoshop Fails From India That Are So Bad It’s Damn Hilarious

Adobe has given us the all-powerful graphic designing tool that has changed the perspective of editing a picture. With millions of people taking selfies at ease, Photoshop is the go-to tool to refine those pictures.

However, not everyone uses this powerful tool, the way it is developed for. Some of the pictures down below by Indian Photoshop users are so badly edited that they are good. Photoshop has given the power to the people to go with their unthinkable imagination and put it on the digital canvas.

1. Top points for creativity


2. “Folowing my garlfrand she iz in plene. i wid my bestfrand i gift him my custome wery cold air”


3. Yes Sir. You are the greatest hunter.


4. Heart to heart connection


5. A short pit-stop


6. A great couple


7. Where’s my key?


8. Do not disturb


9. Fevicol?


10. R-O-B-O-T


11. How deep is your love?


12. Just strolling around the Taj


13. Je Suis en France


14. Better together


15. Spending some quiet time by ourselves


16. Jab Tak Hai Javed


17. I am off to Krypton


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17 Photoshop Fails From India That Are So Bad It's Damn Hilarious

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