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17 Things Every Woman Sneakily Does But Will Certainly Never Confess

How many of you agree with these secrets?

1. Own a pile of bras. Repetitively wear the one that makes our boobs look best.


2. Woke up wearing yesterday”s makeup. Apply a new layer on top. Good to go.


3. Didn’t shave armpits. Long sleeved shirt it is.


4. We often say the opposite of what we think.


5. We spend hours pampering ourselves. Then claim “we woke up like this”.


6. Met a nice guy. Immediately think if our names rhyme with his surname.


7. Halloween, just another excuse to dress slutty.


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8. We don’t know how to handle compliments.


9. We buy stuff to feel better. In the end, we feel worse because we don”t need it.


10. Hair’s a bit greasy? Ponytail treatment.


11. We buy clothes because they’re beautiful. Have no clue how to take care of them.


12. That moment when we take our bras off. Freedom!


13. We pretend all sorts of things. Getting an Oscar? Yeah. Hosting a talk show? You bet.


14. Pants day? No, we simply didn’t shave our legs.


15. Have the whole day to get ready. Do everything in the last minute. Be late.


16. We sob to cheesy proposal videos on YouTube and hope someday it’ll be us.


17. Deny this whole list. Silently agree to each point.


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17 Things Every Woman Sneakily Does But Will Certainly Never Confess

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