18 Most Beautiful Belly Dancers In The World


The ancient art of belly dancing has been captivating party guests for years, and your event should be no exception! Belly dancers with their bright and beautiful costumes and flowing dance style lend a sense of mystery and culture to the atmosphere.

Belly Dancing empowers today’s women and young girls by helping them to fall in love with their bodies and to dispel this myth, this illusion, that having some meat on you is a reason for you not to be loved.

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Some belly dancers even add extra flair with bells, swords, or cymbals. Belly dancers are the perfect entertainment for parties that need some worldly elegance. Here are some of the most beautiful women who take up belly dancing as a profession:

Shakira El Masria

Oxana Bazaeva

Alla Kushnir

Lia Verra

Daria Mitskevich

Amie Sultan


Mercedes Nieto

Alex De Lora

Meher Malik


Anna Lonkina

Galina Nankovskaya

Hanna Zalanskas

Ekaterina Lisenkova

Syrena Nikole

Sofinar Grigoryan

Margarita Savchenko